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Christian Aaron is an Instagram star and YouTuber.

Teenage Instagram star Christian Aaron accused of stealing a woman’s identity to fund a lavish trip to Hawaii and buy expensive designer bags &#...

Christian Aaron, 19, allegedly racked up $19,000 of debt on stolen credit cards "to get likes on social media."
Instagram influencer Julia Baessler at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

This Instagram influencer says it ‘really sucks’ that she was attacked for posting from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone

Julia Baessler, who has 320,000 followers on Instagram, told Business Insider that she visited because of her interest in nuclear physics.
Mývatn is a protected geothermal area.

An Instagram star is being criticized for driving his car into a protected area of Iceland, getting stuck, then posting a photo

The influencer is facing a backlash for his "disrespectful" actions, but he says he didn't know it was illegal to drive off-road in Iceland.

An Instagram star with 2 million followers couldn’t sell 36 T-shirts, and a marketing expert says her case isn’t rare

Some have suggested the problem was that Arii failed to promote her product well enough, and that it didn't fit with her brand, either.
Here I am trying the classic hand-in-hair pose.

I went on a professional Instagram photoshoot, and the lengths influencers go to for the perfect picture will shock you

I spent an afternoon with the company giving wannabe Instagram influencers the snaps they need. Here's what I learned.

1-year-old baby Chanco – known for her voluminous hair – is the star of Pantene’s new campaign

Quite possibly the cutest hair model in the history of shampoo ads.
Alice Liveing.

Most popular HIIT classes aren’t actually high intensity, according to a personal trainer — here’s what a HIIT workout really is

Real high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, involves working to 90% capacity and can't be maintained for a long period, according to Alice Liveing, a personal trainer and Instagram star.

A 28-year-old Instagram star and amateur stuntman has reportedly died in a motorcycle crash in New Zealand

Johnny 'Danger' Bennett was known for his risky stunts and daring jokes.