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Here I am trying the classic hand-in-hair pose.

I went on a professional Instagram photoshoot, and the lengths influencers go to for the perfect picture will shock you

I spent an afternoon with the company giving wannabe Instagram influencers the snaps they need. Here's what I learned.

1-year-old baby Chanco – known for her voluminous hair – is the star of Pantene’s new campaign

Quite possibly the cutest hair model in the history of shampoo ads.
Alice Liveing.

Most popular HIIT classes aren’t actually high intensity, according to a personal trainer — here’s what a HIIT workout really is

Real high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, involves working to 90% capacity and can't be maintained for a long period, according to Alice Liveing, a personal trainer and Instagram star.

A 28-year-old Instagram star and amateur stuntman has reportedly died in a motorcycle crash in New Zealand

Johnny 'Danger' Bennett was known for his risky stunts and daring jokes.

Instagram food blogger Deliciously Ella is closing two of her London cafés after posting losses of £720,000

She shared the news with her 1.2 million Instagram following in a post last week.
Elma Beganovich (pictured) and her sister Amra now charge brands $20,000 to post content on social media.

A professional Instagram star tells us how she went from earning £75 per post to £15,000 a post

The Beganovich sisters, who now average about 30,000 likes per Instagram post, explain how they did it.

Deliciously Ella responds to every email she’s sent each day — here’s how she does it

She also has more than a million Instagram followers — and she tries to respond to all of them, too.