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The park was briefly closed.

A city in California has found itself in a ‘Poppy Apocalypse’ after ‘Disneyland sized crowds’ tourists descended upon the fiel...

Some call it a Poppy "super bloom." But the mayor of Lake Elsinore, California, calls it a "Poppy Apocolypse" because of the influx of tourists.
Brittany Dawn Davis on a rope swing in Hawaii.

A fitness influencer who some say is a ‘scammer’ still hasn’t issued full refunds for nutrition programs weeks after followers calle...

Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn Davis has yet to issue full refunds to customers weeks after a wave of complaints that she "scammed" her followers.

Instagram has avoided Facebook’s trust problem, beating its parent as app of choice for Generation Z

According to a survey commissioned by Business Insider the social network has lost favour with users aged 18-25 who prefer Instagram.

14 apps everyone should have on their phone

People spend most of their time in just a handful of apps. These are the best ones.
Are you an Instagram addict?

I didn’t delete social media, but this small tweak I made to my social media feeds has had a huge effect on my happiness

Tweaking my social media feeds has shown me it's possible to find happiness and peace of mind on social media.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg toboggans down the Great Wall of China.

Facebook and Instagram are finally recovering from one of the worst outages in their history

Instagram tweeted: 'Anddddd... we're back.' Reports of disruption on Facebook declined significantly.

‘The Bachelor’ is over, but the contestants’ competition for Instagram followers will go on forever

The top dozen "Bachelor" contestants gained upward of 70,000 followers on average.
Emily Ratajkowski is a professional model, and owner of a swimsuit line called Inamorata.

Emily Ratajkowski shuts down people body shaming her friend after she shared a swimsuit photo on Instagram

The photo showed the model and a friend lying on the beach in swimsuits. Some commenters began comparing the two women's bodies.
Olivia Jade Giannulli posted sponsored content to promote Amazon and Sephora.

Amazon and Sephora hired Lori Loughlin’s Instagram-famous daughter as an influencer before the FBI charged her parents in an explosive college-a...

In one Instagram partnership with Amazon Prime Student, Olivia Jade Giannulli highlights the tech giant's deals for college students.