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#RIPBianca: A 17-year-old social media star found dead, and photos of the crime were posted online

Bianca Devins was found dead Sunday in upstate New York; photos of the crime taken by her alleged killer surfaced online, police said.
Pink and daughter Willow.

Pink defended her children after people criticized photos she shared of them running through Berlin’s Holocaust memorial

Willow, 8, and Jameson, 2, were pictured running through the Holocaust memorial, which Pink said was a "celebration of life after death."
Kylie Jenner and her close friend, Anastasia Karanikolaou, are currently vacationing in Turks and Caicos.

Kylie Jenner posed for a photo wearing nothing but a massive straw hat, and fans still think it’s a look

The 21-year-old mogul, who's currently in Turks and Caicos with friends and family, wrote that she's in "vacation mode."

Facebook and Instagram are suffering from far more downtime than rival social networks

Over the last 12 months, outages of Facebook and Instagram have skyrocketed — but its rivals seem to be fairly stable.
The famous "dress."

This dress is now so common that there is an Instagram account devoted to spotting it — have you bought ‘The Dress’ yet?

An account devoted the spotting people wearing this polka dot dress around the UK has thousands of followers.
Charnas seemed to address Seyfried's post in an Instagram story.

Amanda Seyfried called out the Instagram influencer people criticized for sharing a ‘tone deaf’ post-baby bikini photo after having 2 kids...

The actress said she and her friend were blocked by an unidentified "semi-influencer," and it turns out she was referring to Arielle Noa Charnas.
YouTuber Pyrocynical tried Belle Delphine's bathwater on camera.

People are drinking an Instagram star’s $30 bathwater and calling it ‘salty’ and ‘candy-like’

YouTuber Pyrocynical and Spectator writer Charlie Nash both drank Belle Delphine's bathwater despite instructions that said not to do so.
Women take a selfie, not at the lake in Novosibirsk.

Instagrammers flocking to a gorgeous Siberian lake have been warned not to swim in it because it’s a chemical dump for a coal plant

Instagrammers have been warned against swimming in a lake near the Russian city of Novosibirsk that has stunning blue water.

How to clear suggested searches on Instagram for iPhone, and clear your search history

You can't turn them off, but you can clear the suggested searches on Instagram for your iPhone. Here's how to do it, and clear your search history.
Arielle Noa Charnas and her daughter Ruby.

People are calling an Instagram influencer’s ‘proud’ post-baby bikini photo ‘tone deaf’ and ‘unnecessary’

Arielle Charnas shared a photo of her in a bikini, saying she was proud of her body after having two children — but not everyone took kindly to the post, including actress Amanda Seyfried.