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Kimberly Douglas creates stunning, artistic photoshoots from her home.

An Instagram star told us how she uses props to make stunning photos of herself taken at home look like they’re right out of a magazine

Kimberly Douglas, @kihmberlie, wants "to show people that you can create something dope even if you don't have a huge budget or expensive equipment."
Kody Workman and Kelly Castille of Positravelty.

An Instagram travel couple say the ‘stupid beyond belief’ photo of them hanging off a cliff was ‘not dangerous’

Followers condemned the pair for "encouraging others to risk their life," but the couple told Insider they simply "like to play with perspective."
Actor Jenna Dewan has been called out for posting "Instagram vs reality" shots where she looks just as good in the latter as the former.

Influencers and celebrities are being called out for ‘Instagram vs. reality’ photos where they actually look perfect in both shots

"Instagram vs reality" was originally conceived to remind people that Instagram is a highlights reel and no one looks their best all of the time.
Alexa Dellanos has 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

An Instagram star with 1.4 million followers says she makes $64,000 a year just from her selfies, and she thinks getting plastic surgery helped

Alexa Dellanos, 23, told Insider that having over $17,000 of cosmetic surgery helped her boost her Instagram following.
Marissa Grossman at an event in New York in July 2018.

An Instagram influencer is begging people to ‘stop bullying’ her after she promoted a bikini brand in a post paying tribute to her dead re...

"STOP BULLYING ME," Grossman said. "My friends would be texting me if they were alive saying 'Can I borrow that and probably never give it back?'"
Jessica Olie in a "Lower Body Flow" video.

A yoga influencer’s 650,000 followers are angry after her ‘weekly’ giveaways turned out not to be weekly at all

Jessica Olie's followers have accused her of committing a "scam to get more followers and engagement," and say they feel "used and lied to."
The Blue Boat Shed in Perth is the Australian city's most-photographed building.

An Australian city is spending $279,000 on a public toilet for Instagrammers flocking to a blue boat shed

Tourists and influencers alike flock to an unassuming but aesthetically pleasing blue boat shed, but the problem is there's no restroom nearby.
Mývatn is a protected geothermal area.

An Instagram star is being criticized for driving his car into a protected area of Iceland, getting stuck, then posting a photo

The influencer is facing a backlash for his "disrespectful" actions, but he says he didn't know it was illegal to drive off-road in Iceland.

An Instagram star with 2 million followers couldn’t sell 36 T-shirts, and a marketing expert says her case isn’t rare

Some have suggested the problem was that Arii failed to promote her product well enough, and that it didn't fit with her brand, either.
Louise Aubery.

A French Instagrammer says she was uninvited from a press trip because she posted a picture with a ‘curvy’ friend in lingerie

Other influencers supported Louise Aubery by boycotting the trip, and she has since launched a campaign to challenge the "prevailing cowardice" in France.