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There’s only one deadly conspiracy Americans really need to think about

OPINION: The opioid crisis started in corporate boardrooms across America.

Explosive leaked audio reveals the moment a drug company lied about a patient having cancer to get them opioids

ANALYSIS: There are supposed to be barriers to getting opioids for people who don't need them. Drug companies have found out how to get over them.

Here’s the spiel one drug company allegedly used to push its opioids on Americans

Insys Therapeutics, the maker of power opioid Subsys, is being sued by Anthem for insurance fraud and for putting its clients lives in serious danger.

It’s been a brutal week for the most shameless company in the opioid crisis — and it’s about to get worse

Two former employees at Insys Therapeutics pleaded guilty this week to violating anti-kickback laws.

One company symbolizes everything sickening about the opioid crisis

The story of Insys and Subsys — a spray version of the powerful opiate, fentanyl — will teach you a lot about the opioid crisis.