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Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, which saw its market value plunge by $51 billion Tuesday.

The big tech stocks just lost $141 billion in market value. That’s enough to buy McDonald’s.

If you add in Microsoft's market losses, you could buy Burger King too.
Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos just named his newest ‘shadow,’ a technical adviser who will follow the billionaire CEO to every one of his meetings

Jeff Bezos has named Wei Gao as his new technical adviser, which is a coveted position also known as the CEO's "shadow."

The new iPad Pro is almost as fast as one of Apple’s $2,800 laptops — but it only costs $800

The first Geekbench processor speed test score is out for Apple's new iPad Pro, and its score is very close to what a 15-inch MacBook Pro gets.
Intel's chief financial officer and interim CEO Bob Swan.

Intel beats Wall Street’s expectations with 19% revenue growth in third quarter

Intel brought in $19.2 billion in revenues in the third quarter, and reported non-GAAP earnings per share of $1.40.
AMD shares will finally drop more than 30% to $18 due to its comparative disadvantages in the competition with Intel, an analyst says.

AMD’s stock price reflects a ‘scenario we don’t believe possible,’ analyst says

AMD shares will drop more than 30% to $18 due to the chipmaker's comparative disadvantages in its competition with Intel, an analyst says.

Waymo, Cruise, Mobileye, and Tesla are all tackling self-driving cars in different ways — here’s the breakdown

Waymo, Cruise, Intel/Mobileye, and Tesla are the major contestants in the self-driving car race. Each has developed a different business model. Waymo and GM are using laser-radar technology, while Mobileye and Tesla are relying on cameras and sensors.

AMD is a ‘high-risk/high-reward’ stock, RBC says

AMD will continue to be a "high-risk/high-reward" stock with a lot of volatility, RBC says.

AMD tumbles into a bear market before getting upgraded at Moody’s

Despite the recent slump, Moody's cites "improved product positioning" in AMD's personal-computing business as well as custom chip uses like video games, which rely heavily on graphics cards for fast-processing and smooth rendering.

Intel jumps on report it could speed up production of its 10-nanometer chips

Shares of Intel were up nearly 5% on Tuesday after the long-time chip-industry leader is expected to ramp up the production of 10-nanometer processors in June 2019.
AMD CEO Lisa Su.

AMD drops after report says Intel could ramp up production of its 10-nanometer chips sooner than expected

Shares of AMD dropped nearly 4% Tuesday following a report suggesting rival Intel could ramp up production of its 10-nanometer processors sooner than expected.