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This online company 3D-prints beautiful and unique lamp designs from independent designers — here’s how 4 different styles look in real li...

All the lamps are creative and eye-catching, not to mention light, durable, and functional. Here are four honest, personal reviews of different styles.
Clare vs. Backdrop

Backdrop vs. Clare — how the two home paint startups compare

Both sell durable, low-VOC paint, available in a small selection of colors, for $49 per gallon. But there are a few small differences between them.
Bedrooms have changed dramatically over the years.

THEN AND NOW: How bedrooms have changed throughout the years

From elaborate four-post beds and exposed sinks to waterbeds and duvet covers, this is how bedrooms have changed since the early 1900s.
We found 10 photos of homes from the 1960s that have brilliantly stood the test of time.

Vintage photos of people’s homes from the ’60s that still look modern today

Glass-paneled, contemporary houses and backlit bedrooms could still be considered modern by today's standards.

This home paint startup is a millennial haven — it offers a smaller selection of highly curated colors and bundles supplies for easy shopping

Backdrop sells paint in a small, curated selection of colors, and pairs them with all the supplies you need for your room(s). Here's how it works.
There are plenty of living room styles that have gone out of fashion.

16 photos that show the worst living room design trends over the years

From shag carpets and wood paneling to taxidermy and fake plants, there are plenty of living room styles that have gone out of fashion.
Nate Berkus co-hosts "Nate and Jeremiah By Design" on TLC.

Designer Nate Berkus reveals the biggest mistakes people make when they decorate their homes

Interior designer Nate Berkus spoke to INSIDER about interior design mistakes people often make and how to avoid them.

You can have any room in your home made over by an expert interior designer for $179 through this online service

Havenly connects people to experienced interior designers and acts as a shopping portal for them to buy all their recommended furniture in one click.
Target can be a great place to shop for home decor.

8 things an interior designer would buy from Target right now

From patio furniture to pillows and poufs, here are some of the best pieces of home decor to buy from Target, according to an interior designer.
Check out all that white.

7 of the biggest home decor lessons I’ve learned from HGTV

Here are the most important things I've learned about interior design and home decor from my years of watching HGTV.