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Bill Gates is $9.5 billion richer than he was a year ago, worth over $100 billion, but not just from Microsoft

Bill Gates is giving his money to charity, but his wealth keeps growing. He's now reportedly one of two people worth more than $100 billion.

The world’s best-performing mutual fund features Juul Labs as its top holding. Here are its 12 other biggest bets.

Juul Labs is the top weighting in the Fidelity Advisor Growth Opportunities fund — the best-performing mutual fund over the last year.
Learning how to invest in stocks is easier than it seems.

There are 3 things to understand about investing if you want to make money in the stock market

Learning how to invest in stocks doesn't have to be complex. Invest early, often, and in a variety of companies or industries to minimize risk.
If you want to retire early as a millionaire, you need to plan for "the bridge period."

An author who studied more than 10,000 millionaires says those planning to retire early often overlook a crucial step

Aspiring early retirees often overlook "the bridge period" — the time between leaving work and withdrawing retirement funds penalty-free.
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon.

Goldman Sachs job cuts — How to pitch VCs — Walmart’s trucking ambitions

My name's Matt Turner, and I'm the Executive Editor at Business Insider. Starting today, I'm going to be sending out a weekly email highlighting some of the best reporting from our BI Prime coverage.
This is financial literacy 101.

There are 3 fundamental money concepts most people still don’t grasp

Your 401(k) account is filled with your pretax money, and the sooner you start contributing, the more you'll have when you retire.

Goldman Sachs flagged 5 ‘pockets of risk’ that could spark a recession

Goldman Sachs flagged bonds, leveraged loans, auto loans, student loans and commercial real estate as 'pockets of risk' for the US economy.
You need to earn at least $117,474 to be in the top 50% in San Jose, California.

Putting aside just an extra $25 a week can make a massive difference in your savings, if you make 2 smart choices

Saving just $25 a week can make a huge difference if you set yourself up to save consistently, and to take advantage of compound interest.
SpaceX founder Elon Musk smiles during a press briefing on March 2, 2019. The event followed the successful launch of Demo-1: the first mission to launch Crew Dragon, a commercial spaceship designed for astronauts, into orbit.

A Tesla investor explains the final straw that made him sell his entire stake in the company

The CEO of a $150 million financial advisory says he can no longer uphold his fiduciary duty to clients if he's investing their money in a stock as volatile as Tesla.

These 8 simple rules are the Sparknotes version of everything you need to know about managing your money

These basic rules from personal finance expert Beth Kobliner are enough to get your finances in healthy shape without any heavy lifting.