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A vineyard belonging to Harvard-owned Brodiaea in Shandon, California.

Harvard has quietly bought $305 million worth of California vineyards. The water rights could be even more valuable.

Harvard University has purchased thousands of acres of California vineyards worth an estimated $305 million.
Traders signal offers in the S&P 500 stock index futures pit during morning trading at the Chicago Board of Trade.

A possible stock-market crash is starting to freak out investors — and that might mean it’s time to buy

Waning investor sentiment appears to suggest the market's drop has gotten so bad, it's good.

6 things you should know before opening an investment account

Angela Moore, a certified financial planner (CFP), has some advice for investing, including how to get started on an investment account.
Doctors performing surgery.

Healthcare is a big chunk of the market and history suggests that’s good news for stocks

Each time since 1979 that healthcare has reached its current weighting in the S&P 500, the group has begun underperforming relative to other sectors.

‘No place to hide’: The stock market’s sell-off has left investors scrambling for cover

The market's sell-off since the beginning of October has left investors with few options for finding shelter, according to a new Wells Fargo analysis.
One of the world's most prolific investors says there are two things you've got to have to be wildly successful.

Y Combinator cofounder Paul Graham said there are 2 things everyone needs to be wildly successful

In 2004, Paul Graham said people need two things to get ahead at work and be wildly successful: Measurement and leverage.

Lance Armstrong hit the jackpot with an early $100,000 investment in Uber

Lance Armstrong paid millions in lawsuits and lost endorsements, but an early investment in Uber has "saved" his family.

7 in 10 of Singapore’s youngest millennials aren’t confident about their finances – but most are positive they’ll see improvement so...

22 to 30-year-old respondents said that when it came to investing, they wanted to see hard evidence that their investments are actually having a positive impact.
U.S. President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping (not shown) make a joint statement at the Great Hall of the People on November 9, 2017 in Beijing, China. Trump is on a 10-day trip to Asia.

Trump’s pushback against China is catching on globally as European negotiator declares an end to the region’s ‘naivety’

The Europeans are uniting against underhanded Chinese investment as the pushback initiated by the US has begun to spread around the world.