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Google can remotely unlock some older Android devices if it needs to

Some Android devices running on older software can be remotely reset by Google if a court demands it.

How to use the app that can make browsing the web on your iPhone faster

With iOS 9, Apple has added support in Safari for blocking ads, among other excess things, that weigh down the web-browsing experience.

People are worried that a new feature in iOS 9 could eat up all your data, but Apple just explained why that might not happen

Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9 automatically switches your connection over to data if you're on a slow Wi-Fi Network. Apple has provided more detail about how it works.

People think their iPhones get slower every time a new one comes out

Search queries for "slow iPhone" peak every time Apple releases a new iPhone

A new feature in Apple’s latest iPhone update is causing big trouble for online retailers

Apple's iOS 9 allows you to install extensions in Safari that block mobile advertisements. However, it seems to be messing with online retailers' websites too.

iPhone ad blocking apps will ‘only’ cost $1 billion in lost advertising revenues

UBS says concerns about ad blocking on iOS 9 are "overblown."

I’ve been using Apple’s big new iPhone update for a few days — here are my favorite things so far

iOS 9 doesn't feel very different than iOS 8, but there are a few of helpful features that make it easier to zip between apps.

The guy who built the most popular ad-blocking app for the iPhone pulled it down after 2 days

Marco Arment, the developer whose new Peace ad-blocking app rocketed to the top of Apple's App Store this week, has pulled his app from the store.

The 11 best new features you can get on your iPhone right now

Apple's next big iPhone update is out. Here are our favorite new features in iOS 9.

Last time Apple released a new version of iOS, it made apps crash more often (for a while)

Crittercism, an app monitoring service, noticed a short spike in app crash rates after the release of Apple's iOS 8. Will the same happen with iOS 9?