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Despite Android’s growing market share, Apple users continue to spend twice as much money on apps as Android users

In 2017, 70% of all apps downloaded were on Android devices, but Android only claimed 34% of the consumer spend.

8 reasons you should buy Apple’s most basic iPad instead of an iPad Pro

Apple sells four iPads right now, but most people are likely to pick between the iPad and one of the two iPad Pro models. While the iPad Pro sounds enticing, there are plenty of reasons to pick Apple's more affordable tablet.

I switch between iPhone and Android whenever I want without losing anything — here’s the very simple way I do it

Don't worry about switching to Google's Android from Apple's iPhone (and back!) — it's a cinch.
Apple senior VP of software engineering, Craig Federighi, introducing MacOS Mojave at WWDC 2018.

Apple’s next major update to the Mac, ‘Mojave’, is now available for free in beta — here’s all the new stuff it comes wi...

Apple debuted the next major update to MacOS earlier this year: It's named "Mojave," and is planned to launch this fall. But a free beta version is available now, months early. It brings a few major updates and a lot of small changes.
Just look at that scowl!

The 13 hottest games to help you stay cool all summer long

The sun is hot, sand is dirty, and air conditioning is marvelous. Here are the best new games to play while you're hiding from that murderous ball of fire in the sky.

You can download the beta version of iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads now — here’s how

Apple has released iOS 12 as a public beta for anyone to try out on their iPhone and iPad. Here's how to download and install it — and why you'll want to back it up first.

Major changes are coming to ‘Fortnite’ and the most popular player in the world isn’t happy about it

Epic Games is preparing to make major changes to "Fortnite." With over 125 million players, the company is warning its massive fan base ahead of time. Still, Ninja, the most popular player in the world, isn't happy about this.

‘Fortnite’ players are furious at Sony for locking accounts to the PlayStation 4 — an exclusionary tactic that’s burning years...

In a shocking move that's infuriating PlayStation 4 owners, Sony is locking "Fortnite" accounts to the PS4. If you want to play the game elsewhere, you'll need another account. It's a complicated mess.

Fortnite made $100 million on iOS in its first 90 days, catapulting it into the most successful mobile launches ever

'Fortnite' has made $100 million in revenue on iOS in its first 90 days, according to app analytics platform Sensor Tower. This milestone makes 'Fortnite' the third most successful mobile launch ever in terms of revenue, behind 'Clash Royale' and 'Pokémon GO.'