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You can manage your email accounts in the "Passwords & Accounts" section of your iPhone's settings.

How to mark email as spam on your iPhone’s Mail app and move senders to your ‘Junk’ folder

Once you've marked an email as spam on your iPhone, the Mail app will automatically filter any future emails from this address out of your inbox.

Microsoft’s newest internet browser is fast and finally does the things that makes Google’s Chrome so popular — here’s how to ...

It's basically Google Chrome dressed in Microsoft clothing, and it could actually make you think twice about immediately downloading Chrome.
The iPhone X.

How to use voicemail transcription on your iPhone, so you can read your voicemails instead of listening to them

You don't need to turn on voicemail transcription on your iPhone — it'll be turned on automatically as long as your phone carrier allows it.
Open your account menu by tapping your icon.

How to manually update Instagram on your iPhone, so you never miss out on its latest features

You can update Instagram on your iPhone manually by going to the App Store if the app hasn't automatically updated. Here's how to do it.
It's easy to activate and use the Magnifier on an iPhone.

How to use the Magnifier feature on your iPhone to make signs and other text around you easier to read

You can use the Magnifier on your iPhone to magnify your surroundings, making signs and other text easier to read. Here's how to use the feature.
It only takes a few taps to like a text on your iPhone.

How to ‘like’ a text message on your iPhone using Tapback, the reaction feature built into iMessage

You can "like" a text on your iPhone, along with a variety of other reactions, by tapping and holding it. Here's a guide to the Tapback feature.
You should turn off the blue light on your iPhone before you go to sleep.

How to turn off blue light on your iPhone with Night Shift, and make it easier to fall asleep at night

You can turn off blue light on your iPhone by activating "Night Shift," which changes the color of your iPhone's display. Here's how to find it.

How to increase the bass output on your iPhone’s audio in 2 ways

You can increase the bass on your iPhone audio in two main ways — through the Equalizer feature, and with bass-boosting headphones.
If you're bored by your Apple Watch band's default color, here's how to change it.

How to change your Apple Watch’s face from your iPhone, and customize its color, style, and layout

To change your Apple Watch face from an iPhone, you'll need to use the free Watch app. There, you can customize the face in dozens of ways.
It's easy to delete emails on your iPhone.

How to delete all the voicemail on your iPhone at once, or export them to save storage space

To delete all voicemails on your iPhone at once, you'll have to select them one by one. You can also export the voicemails if you want to save them.