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A $178 wine bottle that connects to Wi-Fi raised $6 million from investors, and now the startup is shutting down

Kuvée, a startup making a wine bottle with a color touchscreen that connects to Wi-Fi, announced in an email to customers on Wednesday that it is shutting down.

This beautiful $300 security camera can recognize faces and keep track of your kids — and it’s backed by some of the biggest names in tech...

The Lighthouse camera combines 3D sensors with artificial intelligence to track your kids and pets, or alert you intruders.
Tom Siebel, founder, chairman and CEO of C3 IoT.

C3 IoT, an almost failed startup founded by a colorful billionaire who was trampled by an elephant, has raised another $100 million

C3 IoT isn't just a second act for billionaire Tom Siebel, it's a come-back story for a man who was literally trampled and a company that almost died.
Nyansa is used by companies like Tesla to monitor all of the wi-fi enabled manufacturing tools on the factory floor.

10 years after cold calling his way into a job, this Ghanaian founder just got $15 million to grow his thriving start-up

Tesla uses Nyansa's products to monitor its manufacturing tools. Hospitals use it to keep life-saving machines online.
Amazon's Echo Show, one of a burgeoning number of smart-home gadgets.

Consumers are holding off on buying smart-home gadgets thanks to security and privacy fears

Consumers aren't embracing smart-home devices as much as other connected gadgets, thanks to security and privacy concerns, a new survey indicates.

DIGITAL HEALTH BRIEFING: Microsoft, UPMC partner for digital hospitals — EHR access is easier with Apple FaceID — Health apps could save $...

UPMC announced a partnership with Microsoft to collaborate on the design of three “digitally-based specialty hospitals.”

If your smart home products don’t talk to each other, this service could help

IFTTT, which provides a kind of connective tissue to link disparate services and devices, is opening up its platform to individual developers.

Nest is working on at least 3 new smart-home gadgets right now — here’s what we know

Nest reportedly has several new devices in the works that could fill some major gaps in the connected smart home.

How companies can save themselves from being ‘uberized’

As more products and services come online, business models will have to evolve.

As healthcare costs rise and patients demand better care, hospitals turn to new technologies

Hospitals are beginning to embrace connectivity in creative ways to help them not only be more efficient, but also provide better patient care.