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These $148 Selvedge jeans are richly hued and designed to fade beautifully over time — they’re also sustainably made, using 100% organic c...

Taylor Stitch reinvented its signature '68 denim with 100% organic cotton and sustainable production methods, and they're just as good as the originals.
At $715, the Lalo Daily stroller isn't cheap but it'll save you money in the long run because it comes with several attachments you'd normally buy separately with other strollers.

This $715 stroller costs more than most upfront, but it comes with extra attachments to save you hundreds over the years

The Lalo Daily stroller is more expensive than other strollers, but with tons of attachments and accessories, it's worth the hefty price.
The Soma Vanishing Strapless Bra ($62) is my new favorite strapless bra because it. doesn't. fall. down.

This $62 strapless bra is the only one I’ve worn that doesn’t fall down

I've finally found a strapless bra that stays in place, and is flattering and comfortable. I've waited a long time for this.

The Frywall made famous on ‘Shark Tank’ is a game changer that reduces the mess of cooking — here’s why I like using it

I tried the "Shark Tank"-famour Frywall splatter guard in my own kitchen and can confirm it's a game-changer that reduces the mess of cooking.
Lavanila's The Healthy Underarm Detox Mask ($26 on Ulta) can help detox and brighten underarm skin, which is great for the upcoming summer season.

This $26 underarm mask is the weird summer beauty product I didn’t know I needed

This charcoal mask is meant for your underarms instead of your face, and removes impurities left behind from sweat, deodorant, and pollutants.
This 4-step Aquis Prime Starter Kit ($49 at Sephora) has transformed my frizzy curls into smooth, defined strands.

This 4-step hair-care system addressed a problem I never knew I had — now I have defined curls instead of frizzy waves

My hair is naturally curly but also frizzy all the time. The Aquis Prime system is the only thing that helps give me defined, frizz-free curls.
These fruit-and-matcha bites helped get me through finals week at business week.

These fruit-infused matcha snacks helped me get through finals week at business school — they have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of green...

Reap the matcha benefits from these matcha fruit snacks. You'll feel energized throughout the day, minus the jittery caffeine.
The Trekz Air from AfterShokz use bone-conduction technology that's better suited for my sweaty workouts than any in-ear or over-ear headphones I've tried.

These $150 bone-conduction headphones help keep me aware of my surroundings when I’m running — and they never fall off

These bone-conduction headphones won't slip or fall out of your ears even during a sweaty workout. Here's why we'll be using this pair for years.

Hydro Flask’s new $25 Cooler Cup is far and away the best koozie there is — here’s why

Hydro Flask's Cooler Cup is far and away the best koozie there is. Ditch your cruddy old foam one for this and never look back.

Casper recently added springs to its all-foam mattress — here’s how it’s different and what sleeping on it feels like

Casper has released a version of memory foam mattress with springs, and we think it's an ideal mattress for slide sleepers. Here's our full review.