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It's easy to restore your iPad, if you have a backup ready.

How to restore your iPad from a backup after resetting it, so you never have to lose your data

You can restore your iPad from a backup by saving data to your Apple ID account, and then logging back in after the iPad resets.
The iPhone 11 Pro

Apple may release an iPhone ‘mini’ later this year — here’s everything we know about it so far

Apple's iPhone 12 is expected to come in a smaller new 5.4-inch size option. Here's everything we know about it so far.

Apple’s newest iPad Pro could be paving the way for what the next high-end iPhones look like

Apple's rumored iPhone 12 Pro is expected to inherit many features from the iPad Pro, from its design to its Lidar camera sensors and faster screen.

Here are all of the new products Apple is expected to launch this year

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 12, the Apple Watch Series 6, and a slew of other gadgets in 2020.
The iPhone 11 Pro (left), iPhone 11 Pro Max (middle), and iPhone 11 (right)

Apple’s iPhone 12 may finally get a faster screen to match the speed some Android phones have had for a while

Apple's new iPhone 12, rumored to launch this fall, may come with a faster screen that should make scrolling feel smoother, says a new leak.
Using your iPad as a second display for your Mac is easy, as long as you have the right hardware.

How to use your iPad as a second display for your Mac computer without any wires or add-ons

You can use your iPad as a second display for your Mac through the Sidecar feature, which comes pre-installed.
The 2020 iPad Pro with the new Magic Keyboard.

The new iPad Pro is another major step forward in Apple’s plan to challenge Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Apple's new iPad Pro is closer than ever to replacing your laptop, and that's a sign that Microsoft was right when it launched the Surface in 2012.

Apple’s supply chain still struggling to return to normal even as China recovers from the pandemic, report says

Apple is struggling even as China reopens its businesses, a sign the coronavirus could disrupt global production for longer than initially thought.

Apple makes 5 different iPad models — here’s which ones are the newest

Apple has a lot of different iPad models, and now one of them is new for 2020: the newest iPad Pro. Here are all of the latest iPad models.
The 2020 iPad Pro is pictured above using an AR app.

Apple sells several different iPad models — here’s how much they all cost

We break down the price of each iPad to answer the question: How much does an iPad cost? Now updated with the iPad Pro 2020 price.