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Apple’s back-to-school deals include discounts on Macs and iPads, plus you can get a free pair of Beats headphones

Apple offers great education discounts on MacBooks, Macs, and iPads. Back-to-school deals range from $50 off iPads to $400 off Macs.

11 new features coming to your iPad that will make it much better at replacing your laptop

Apple's iPadOS software update for the iPad will bring several new features that make it a better laptop replacement when it launches later this year.
To take a screenshot on any iPad before the 2018 iPad Pro, press the home and power buttons simultaneously.

How to take screenshots on any model of iPad, and organize your images

You can easily take a screenshot on any iPad, though the method differs slightly on 2018 iPad Pros. Here's how to take a screenshot on any iPad model.

The 11-inch iPad Pro is the best high-end tablet you can buy, and it’s $125 off at Walmart right now

For a limited time, you can save $125 if you buy an 11-inch iPad Pro from Walmart. It's one of the best iPad tablets you can buy in 2019.

Apple sells four different iPad models — here’s which ones are the newest

Apple has a lot of different iPad models, and some of them are new for 2019. Here are the newest iPad models and when all the older models launched.

There’s a hidden gem in Apple’s earnings — and it isn’t its services

iPad sales grew 22% last quarter, the fastest pace in six years, while iPhone and Mac sales fell.

Apple’s newest iPad Pro tablet is its most powerful yet, but it will never replace my laptop until Apple makes these four changes

The iPad Pro is more capable than ever of serving as a laptop. But it needs a few more features before I'm willing to use it in place of my MacBook.

13 essential tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your iPad

Whether you've just purchased a new iPad Air or are just looking for ways to master your current iPad, these tips and tricks will save you some time.
If your iPad ever starts acting strangely, it's a good idea to restart or force-restart it. Luckily, both are easy processes.

How to restart and force-restart any iPad model

If your iPad or iPad Pro starts acting strangely, it's a good idea to restart it. Here's how to restart and force-restart any model of iPad.

Amazon and Best Buy are discounting the iPad Pro by up to $200 for a limited time

The iPad Pro is one of the best tablets available, and you can save up to $200 at Best Buy and Amazon for a limited time.