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Apple’s next iPhones could have a feature that charges the Apple Watch, new AirPods, and even other iPhones

You could potentially use the 2019 iPhone as a wireless charging pad — if the rumors are true.

You don’t need an iPhone to use Apple’s AirPods — Here’s how to pair them with an Android phone

Apple's AirPods also work with Android devices, although you'll be missing out on some of their best features.

The best wireless chargers you can buy

These are the best wireless chargers for the latest iPhones and Android phones so you can juice up without plugging in.
You can't make or receive a call without a SIM card in your iPhone.

How to remove the SIM card from your iPhone

Here's how to remove a SIM card from one iPhone and move it to another device in order to make and receive calls there to your existing phone number.

Here are the 7 best features in ‘Mojave,’ Apple’s latest Mac software

MacOS Mojave, the latest Mac software from Apple, is filled with goodies.

Apple just blew past Microsoft to become the world’s most-valuable public company

Apple has replaced Microsoft as the world's biggest public company as hype around its Netflix-style streaming service grows.
You won't need to turn an Apple Watch off too often, but it's worth knowing how to restart and force-restart the device.

How to turn your Apple Watch on and off, and force-restart it for troubleshooting

You can turn your Apple Watch on and off normally, or force-restart the device when it becomes unresponsive. Here's how to do all of the above.
Add new apps to your Apple Watch using your iPhone's Watch app.

How to add and remove apps on your Apple Watch

You can add new apps to an Apple Watch using your iPhone's Watch app, and remove apps directly on the watch or via the Watch app.
Restarting or force-restarting your iPhone can be an effective form of troubleshooting.

How to restart and force-restart any iPhone model

Restart or force-restart your iPhone when it runs into software bugs that cause the phone to run slowly, or for any number of other inconveniences.