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The amphibious assault ship USS Bataan on the Strait of Hormuz, October 29, 2011.

The US Navy faces ‘a huge liability’ in countering one of Iran’s favorite and most dangerous weapons

Iran's naval forces are no match for the US Navy and its partners, but Tehran often relies on asymmetric tactics, and one weapon it could bring to bear in the Persian Gulf may present a particular challenge for the Navy.
Turkish soldiers watch over the Syrian town of Kobani during the height of the conflict with ISIS.

Turkey’s president threatened a major blow to the US — but Trump looks to have called his bluff

It's Turkey's mismanaged economy, reliant on huge influxes of outside cash, that made it fundamentally weak and helped bring about the present crisis. Countries outside NATO can't really help Ankara find that kind of cash.

Iran just unveiled a new ballistic missile called the ‘Bright Conqueror’

The new ballistic missile, called Fateh-e Mobin, which means "Bright Conqueror," has a range of about 483 to 805 miles.

Oil jumps after IEA says maintaining global supply with Iran sanctions could be ‘very challenging’

Crude prices rebounded Friday amid expectations for US sanctions against Iran, which would cut off oil imports from the country, and a rise in global demand.
President-elect Donald Trump

Trump says Iran sanctions are back, asks for nothing less than ‘WORLD PEACE’

President Donald Trump has repeatedly pushed for talks with Iran's leadership, though that could embarrass the theocratic leaders of the country, as they see themselves as holy warriors fighting US hegemony.

Oil prices spike ahead US sanctions on Iran

Oil prices rallied Monday as markets braced for the reimposition of US sanctions against Iran. Other sanctions, including those targeting Iranian crude, will resume in November.

Trump drops the sanctions hammer on Iran — but Putin could come to Tehran’s rescue

A summit with President Donald Trump would greatly shame the theocratic rulers of Iran, as they frame their government as a revolutionary act opposing US hegemony and cry "death to America." That's where Russian President Vladimir Putin may come into play.

Iran is training tiny speedboats to seize a key waterway — and it could actually cripple the US Navy

The US Navy stands unmatched on earth in terms of size and ability, but Iran has formed a "guerrilla army at sea" that is small, fast, deadly, and designed specifically to present an asymmetrical threat to the toughest ships on earth.
Trump says he'll meet with Tehran, but that would embarrass them for years to come.

Trump is pushing for a summit that would deeply humiliate Iran’s leaders — but they need it too

For Iranian leaders to smile and shake Trump's hand despite his withdrawing the US from the nuclear deal would symbolize a deep capitulation and recognition that the US holds tremendous power over Tehran.
A military personnel participates in the Velayat-90 war game on Sea of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran December 28, 2011

Iran just heated up tensions with Trump in a major show of force to practice closing the Strait of Hormuz

US officials see this anticipated Iranian military exercise as alarming for three reasons: It comes as rhetoric between the two nations heats up, it will be a larger exercise than previous ones, and Tehran usually holds such exercises later in the year.