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Bernie Sanders revisits his vote against the Iraq War, which started 16 years ago today, and says much of what he feared came true

"It gives me no pleasure to say that much of what I feared came true. Our foreign policy must focus on diplomacy, not endless war," Sanders tweeted.

Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War, which started 16 years ago today, and his support could cause problems for his long-rumored 2020 presidential run

"There is nothing preemptive about it. It’s an enforcement," former Vice President Joe Biden said ahead of the invasion in 2003.
An image shared by the UK Ministry of Defence showing an in-progress air strike on Iraq in 2014.

Britain’s RAF claims its kill count from bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq is 4,012 fighters, and exactly 1 civilian

Conflict experts are skeptical that the Royal Air Force managed to strike only enemy combatants with an accuracy rate of 99.975%.

Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard points to US interventions as reason North Korea’s Kim Jong Un ‘will cling to his nukes...

"Trump's holding onto our failed regime-change war policies is why NK holds onto nukes. Kim sees what we did in Iraq, Libya, Syria, & fears he's next."
A photo posted by Hoda Muthana on her Twitter account.

11 American women who left the US to become ISIS brides and fighters

Nearly a dozen US women have traveled or attempted to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS or wed ISIS fighters. Here are their stories.
David Allen Boileau was arrested Tuesday, January 22, 2019. Police say he was trying to "get rid" of his Iraqi neighbors.

Police say a Florida man who wanted to ‘get rid of’ his Iraqi neighbors told authorities ‘Trump will handle it’ if he doesn...

Police say a Florida man burglarized his Iraqi neighbor's home, then told officers the US had to "get rid of" people of Middle Eastern descent.
US Soldiers deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve await aerial extraction during an exercise in Iraq. President Trump made an uneasy connection between veterans and violence that experts say is not supported by evidence.

What we know about the death of a former Green Beret in Iraq, who was reportedly injured in a brawl with US troops

The Army veteran, who served 20 years as a Green Beret, died in what has been described as a violent brawl with US troops at a base in Erbil, Iraq.
Trump holds a "Make America Great Again" hat while he and first lady Melania Trump greet military personnel during an unannounced visit to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq, December 26, 2018.

Trump bashes ‘failed Generals’ in a barrage of tweets on New Year’s Eve

Trump appeared to be responding to specific criticism of his decision to pull US troops out of Syria — a move that may be in "a pause situation."

US military says it’s responsible for killing 1,139 civilians in its fight against ISIS — but others estimate much higher numbers

The US military reportedly announced that 1,139 civilians have been killed in the fight against ISIS, but other reports say that number is way off.

Trump tweeted a video that appears to reveal the identities and location of a Navy SEAL team in Iraq

Current and former intelligence officials said the identities of special operations troops are typically kept secret.