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Iraqi police paraded ISIS’ favorite weapon around after recapturing Mosul

US officials have said the weapons were "reminiscent of a Mad Max vehicle."

Watch a US-led airstrike destroy part of ISIS’ arsenal in the terror group’s shrinking Iraqi stronghold

"Their resistance is weakening," an Iraqi commander said. "They are mostly using car bombs, and that shows they are losing on the ground."

Watch a US-led airstrike destroy an ISIS bomb factory amid the fight for Mosul

The US-led coalition has continued to hit suspected ISIS targets in and around Mosul, as Iraqi forces on the ground battle to retake the city.

Watch British airstrikes blast ISIS vehicles off the road near the group’s last stronghold in the country

British aircraft have participated in the campaign against ISIS in Iraq, which is currently moving on the terror group's last urban stronghold in the country.

Watch a US-led airstrike pound a building in Syria days before ISIS was forced out of the area

US-led coalition forces continue to strike ISIS targets in Syria, amid the protracted and dysfunctional effort to reach a peace deal.

Pentagon: Stop using ISIL

Sorry President Obama, ISIL is getting kicked to the curb in favor of ISIS.

Watch a US-led airstrike destroy an ISIS headquarters building near the group’s urban stronghold in Iraq

Days after starting their advance on western Mosul, Iraqi forces have reportedly retaken the city's airport and pushed into some southwest neighborhoods.

Watch a US-led strike knock out an ISIS tank near the terrorist group’s shrinking Iraqi stronghold

US-led coalition aircraft continued targeting ISIS weaponry and infrastructure around Mosul ahead of Iraqi forces' advance on the western side of the city.

‘We’re being pretty darn prolific’ — top US general claims 60,000 ISIS fighters have been killed

"So when folks ask, do you need more aggressive [measures], ... I would tell you that we're being pretty darn prolific," said US Army Gen. Raymond Thomas.

Watch a US-led airstrike knock an ISIS vehicle off the road near the terrorist group’s Iraqi stronghold

Iraqi forces are preparing for an assault on western Mosul, while the US-led coalition continues to target ISIS elsewhere in the country.