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A Sri Lankan relative of a bomb blast victim weeps at a morgue in Colombo on April 22, 2019, as people gather hoping to identify loved ones missing or killed in the Easter Sunday bomb attacks on churches and hotels

An Islamic extremist group has been linked to Sri Lanka’s Easter attack, and it’s a symptom of rising extremism across the country

Religious extremism has been on the rise in Sri Lanka since the end of the country's civil war, culminating in the attack that killed almost 300.
Amazon has come under fire in a piece from the Times.

Amazon facilitated charity donations to Islamic extremists through its Amazon Smile scheme

Amazon had UK charities that had been flagged up as having links to Islamic extremism on its Amazon Smile service, the Times reports. Among the charities were two backed by Haitham al-Haddad, an Islamic scholar who the head of counter-extremism thinktank Quilliam described as a "hardcore Islamist."
Syrian Democratic Forces fighters ride military vehicles as they celebrate victory in Raqqa.

ISIS is losing its grip in Iraq and Syria, but here are 9 places where it’s still a threat

Even as ISIS' territorial control erodes in Iraq and Syria, ISIS-linked militants and fighters inspired by the group remain a threat around the world.

‘You can’t drone your way out of a problem’: David Petraeus shares 5 key lessons from 15 years of fighting terrorism

Petraeus said that fighting extremism is a generational conflict, that can't be solved with a simple drone strike.

Britain has opened its first prison wing to stop terrorists radicalising other inmates

The unit, on the grounds of HMP Frankland, is one of three planned centres which will eventually hold a total of 28 inmates.

Inside Spain’s quiet fight on the frontline of Europe’s war on terror

In the years since the devastating 2004 train attacks in Madrid, Spain has intensified efforts to uncover, monitor, and disrupt terrorist activity and plots.

Obama expresses frustration on Guantanamo Bay: ‘I have not been able to close the darn thing’

"What is also true, is we have greatly reduced the population," Obama stressed, adding that more transfers may happen in the coming months.

George Washington University hired a reformed Islamic extremist who recruited for Al Qaeda

George Washington University has hired Jesse Morton, a reformed Islamic terrorist, to work as a fellow in its Program on Extremism.