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A hospital worker with a medical mask.

Countries, cities, and health authorities all over the world are reconsidering their coronavirus advice that most people don’t need to wear mask...

Health authorities in Europe and the US had said that wearing a mask was not effective protection for most people. Now some may change that guidance.

Israel’s prime minister reportedly shared a fake video from the Hallmark series ‘Pandemic’ and claimed it as evidence that Iran was ...

The clip, from the Hallmark channel miniseries "Pandemic," showed a truck dumping bodies into a garbage pile.
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures during a news conference at his office in Jerusalem August 27, 2014.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has self-quarantined after an aide tested positive for the coronavirus

Netanyahu is one of several world leaders that have self-quarantined over fears of possible coronavirus exposure.
A combination photo shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Benny Gantz, who ran in three consecutive elections against him.

Benny Gantz is reportedly entering a unity government with Bibi Netanyahu, continuing the indicted prime minister’s leadership through 2021

The move came after Netanyahu urged Gantz to form an "emergency" unity government amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces the new coronavirus measures on Saturday night.

Israel is tracking its coronavirus patients through their phones to make sure they obey strict quarantine policies

"We are at a war with an invisible enemy — the virus," said Prime Minister Netanyhau when he first announced the measures.
A brochure advertising the diving resort in Arous, Sudan, which was secretly run by Israeli Mossad agents.

Israel’s elite Mossad unit set up a luxury diving resort in the 1980s as a front to smuggle Ethiopian Jews out of Sudan. Here’s what it wa...

Mossad agents posed as hotel staff and diving instructors at the Arous beach resort by day, and evacuated refugees out of the continent by night.
Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu smile at the Likud Party after vote celebration on March 3, 2020 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Israel’s prime minister — who has been in power for over a decade and was recently indicted on corruption charges — narrowly wins hi...

While Netanyahu is projected to be the winner of this election, it's unclear if he can form a coalition government before his March 17 criminal trial.
Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks during the AIPAC convention at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, on March 2, 2020.

Mike Pence accused Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish, of siding with Israel’s enemies for supporting Palestinian rights

Sen. Bernie Sanders is Jewish, has lived in Israel, and much of his father's family was killed during the Holocaust.
Passengers wearing masks walk at the Shanghai railway station.

The Coronavirus is having an enormous impact on the US economy, according to an unusual source of data, but it’s also been a boon to at least fo...

The impact of the virus on American business is already enormous, said Eytan Buchman, CMO of Israeli international freight and shipping startup Freightos in a press conference.