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Tensions are constantly high in Israel.

A Supreme Court hearing in Israel that erupted into a brawl showed in a matter of minutes why the Israel-Palestine conflict has been impossible to sol...

A Supreme Court hearing in Israel on Tuesday devolved into a brawl between Israeli and Palestinian families. The case, and the aftermath, show how nearly any issue in a tense, divided country like Israel can quickly turn from a legal or political one into something deeply personal.

Most of the people killed in the Gaza violence this week were affiliated with a terrorist organization

Opinion: The Health Ministry in Gaza said more than 60 people died in the recent Gaza border conflict. On Wednesday, a Hamas official said that 50 of the Palestinians who died were Hamas affiliates. This context has gone largely unnoticed in mainstream coverage of the conflict.
A map posted online by the Israel Defense Forces showing what they say are Iranian positions they struck. Embedded is footage from one of the strikes.

Israel launched a barrage of airstrikes on 50 Iranian targets in Syria — a massive escalation that could lead to all-out war

The Israel Defense Forces said they hit Iranian targets in southern Syria overnight, including intelligence facilities, logistic headquarters, observation posts, weapon storage facilities, and a vehicle-mounted missile launcher.

US Marines traveled to Israel to train in a mock Middle East village — and learned the harsh realities of urban warfare

US Marines and Israeli special forces units practiced urban warfare, helicopter insertions, and medevac operations in a mock Middle East village.

Syria threatens Scud missile strikes if Israeli airstrikes continue

Syria has upped the ante with its western neighbor after Israel carried out airstrikes that Damascus said helped ISIS.

Top Israeli general resigns after laptop containing classified information stolen from home

Topolansky had been under questioning after police were called on Monday to his home, which had been burglarized, and his daughter's car had been stolen.

Watch an Israeli rocket launcher intercept a missile from a moving ship

The country's military gave us a glimpse of its new "Iron Dome of the Sea," the maritime version of its highly successful Iron Dome missile-defense system.