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LA eatery Lobsterdamus has a pop-up at RWS’ The Great Wine & Dine Festival, where the food absolutely blew me away

Hours later, I'm still thinking of Fratelli's crispy pork belly and incredibly juicy lobster from Lobsterdamus.
Romans know how to make a delicious pizza.

10 restaurants you need to try in Rome

Rome boasts some of the best food in the world but with too many options can get overwhelming. Here are 10 restaurants you need to try if you're visiting Rome.
A "bring-your-own-table" restaurant is opening in London.

A London restaurant is offering a free 6-course Italian meal to anyone who brings their own table

The menu, created by celebrity Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo, includes a cheesy potato and smoked pancetta traybake, lasagne, and summer berry tiramisu.
I went to my local Olive Garden and tried each of the dishes on the new "Giant Italian Classics" menu.

Olive Garden’s new giant food menu that features a massive meatball and an 11-inch chicken parmigiana exceeded my expectations — and my ap...

Our reporter tried Olive Garden's "Giant Italian Classics" menu including a massive meatball, 11-inch chicken parm, and stuffed pasta shells.
If you're looking for great Italian food, consider visiting New York City or San Francisco.

The best places in the US to get 10 types of European food

You don't have to travel to Europe to get a taste of European cuisine. From French cuisine to Greek eats, here's where to get European food in the US.
Spaghetti so-called bolognese.

The mayor of Bologna, Italy, says spaghetti bolognese does not exist

He called the dish, and its supposed heritage from the city of Bologna, "fake news."
Italian food is simpler than you might think.

The biggest things Americans get wrong about Italian food, according to a chef

America has americanized Italian food. We spoke to Chef Ali LaRaia about what American's get wrong about Italian food and he revealed that food in Italy is simple and seasonal — and that moderation is key.

A massive Italian food theme park is on the verge of opening, and it looks insane

"FICO Eataly World" is a 20-acre theme park opening this November in Bologna, Italy. Rather than Mickey Mouse, this theme park is based on Italian food.

We got a tour of the new Eataly in New York’s Financial District — and it’s obvious why it has so many dedicated fans

This Eataly location is unique, offering customers more breakfast and lunch options, including juice and salad bars.

This is the best Italian restaurant in America, according to Yelp

In Yelp's list of the highest-rated restaurants in the US, the top spot belongs to Mama D's Italian Kitchen in Newport Beach, California.