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Italy fan before the match.

Chaos rules in Italy as the country approaches a 3rd month without a government

Italy's political stalemate shows no sign of easing, with high level disagreements remaining between all the parties with ambitions to govern the currently rudderless nation.
The Tiger Hunt by Peter Paul Rubens

Italy’s election was a month ago and the country is still without a government — here’s a snapshot of the chaos

All of the country's major parties held negotiations this week but virtually no agreement was reached on anything.
Italy's major party leaders in the election: Luigi Di Maio of the Five Star Movement, former Prime minister Matteo Renzi of the Democratic Party, and four-time Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Forza Italia.

Italy’s hung parliament could produce a nightmare scenario for the EU

The Eurosceptic, anti-immigrant, and anti-establishment Five Star Movement emerged as the single party with the most votes.
Extending the flat tax to all Italians is up for debate.

Italy wants to attract super rich people with a low flat tax — but hardly anyone is actually moving there

Italy imposed a flat tax to lure wealthy individuals last year, and Silvio Berlusconi is proposing a flat tax rate for all Italians in the upcoming election.
An Italy fan celebrates after the World Cup soccer match between Italy and Australia, in the streets of downtown Frankfurt June 26, 2006.

These 2 charts explain what could happen in Italy’s upcoming election

With Italy's general election now less than a week away, the outcome is no less clear than it has been in the months leading up to the vote.
Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi gestures during EPP European People's Party meeting in Fiuggi.

CITI: ‘Don’t waste your time’ with Italy’s spectacularly complicated election

"Our humble suggestion is to stop reading stuff (apart from this quick note of course) and quietly wait for March 5th," Citi analysts Fordham and Baragiola say.

Legalised brothels, flat tax and a repeal of 400 laws: Here’s what Italy’s political parties are promising ahead of this week’s elec...

2018's election has largely been focused on the core issue of immigration, while taxation and social reforms are also high on the agenda.
Italy's major party leaders (L toR) Luigi Di Maio of the Five Star Movement, Matteo Renzi of the Democratic Party, and four-time prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi of Forza Italia.

The incredibly complex Italian election is just 2 weeks away — here’s a simplified version of what you need to know

The vote is full of intrigue, with the rise of the populist Five Star Movement, and the return of Silvio Berlusconi among major talking points.