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A year before D-Day, Allied forces made their first thrust into the ‘soft underbelly of Europe’ — here’s how Operation Husky p...

The July 1943 invasion of Sicily was the Allies' first thrust into Europe and set the stage for future landings around the continent, especially the D-Day invasion of Normandy nearly a year later. The operation was led by some of the war's most storied Allied commanders.

JPMorgan CEO Dimon issues stark warning about ‘catastrophic’ events if Italy leaves the euro

"Because of the way it has been designed, the European Monetary Union would be hard to reverse without causing catastrophic events," Dimon told Italian paper Il Sole 24 Ore.
The best restrooms I've ever seen in an airport.

One trip to Rome’s airport and I’m convinced it has the most beautiful restrooms I’ve seen in my 30 years of travel

I recently found myself, briefly, in a position to check out that rarest of things: a completely empty men's restroom at Rome's Fiumicino Airport, on a return trip from Italy to the US. It was the nicest facility I've seen in over 30 years of travel.
Contrary to what you might think, prosecco experts don't recommend you use a regular champagne flute.

Here’s what the terms DOC and DOCG mean on your prosecco bottle — and how to spot a fake

It's summertime and the bubbles should be well and truly flowing. Counterfeit fizz, however, is reportedly on the rise. So that you can rest assured that yours is the real deal, here's how to spot a fake.
Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump is bringing a Berlusconi-approved diet to the US in an effort to ‘make America svelte again’

Surrounded by a throng of reporters and well-groomed PR professionals, the self-proclaimed "first Trump lady" introduced her latest project — a national campaign against adult obesity — in partnership with Italian businessman and nutritionist Gianluca Mech.
Piera Aiello lived under a false identity under police witness protection for 27 years before showing her face.

An Italian politician who spent 27 years in total anonymity to hide from the mafia has revealed her face for the first time

Piera Aiello has lived under a false identity since 1991 after her husband, the son of a mafia boss, was killed by rivals. She was elected to the Italian parliament earlier this year while campaigning anonymously, and gained the name 'the faceless candidate.'
Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump

Trump was said to have been venting about having to spend 2 days in Canada with Trudeau and wants to find new ways to punish the country — now i...

President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are set to meet face-to-face on Friday after their tough war of words over the US president's tariffs. The meeting will come at the G7 summit, which is expected to be a tension-filled affair.
Mario Balotelli, during a famous incident after scoring in a Manchester Derby in 2011

Italy’s new government is squabbling with one of the country’s most famous footballers over immigration

Footballer Mario Balotelli and Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Northern League, have locked horns over comments Balotelli made about immigration, after it was reported he may become captain of the Italian national team.
Italy's Prime Minister-designate Giuseppe Conte talks to the media at the Quirinal Palace in Rome, Italy, May 31, 2018.

Nouriel Roubini sees ‘very little reason to think’ Italy’s recent political crisis is a one-off event — and investors are...

Italy's elections have rekindled fears of European disintegration as populist parties rise to power, sending bond yields to their highest levels since 2012, the height of the euro zone crisis.

Italy’s newest international airline just arrived and it wants to take on the world with Qatari money

A new Italian airline launched its first long-haul route on Friday, with its maiden flight from New York's JFK airport to Milan's Malpensa airport. As Air Italy's Airbus A330 landed at JFK, the airline's stakeholders and leadership prepared to continue expansion.