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It looks like Apple fixed a problem with ‘manipulation’ on the top podcast charts

Apple's list of "Top Podcasts" started showing some very unusual shows over the weekend and podcasters noticed, calling it "weird."
A scene from Disney film "Cars 2."

What really happened to the man behind a viral Twitter thread about Apple deleting his movies

Apple has said it doesn't delete iTunes movies from people's devices. It follows Anders Goncalves da Silva's complaint that his iTunes movies had disappeared went viral on Twitter.

Apple will log about how many ‘phone calls or emails you send and receive’ to give your device a ‘trust score’

Apple is going to start using your phone call and email data in an attempt to combat fraud. The data will be used to give devices a 'trust score' when customers make purchases, and it could help Apple detect fraudulent transactions, reviews, and accounts.
The iPhone XS (L) and XS Max

Don’t forget to back up your iPhone or iPad before you download iOS 12

iOS 12, Apple's newest mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, will be available to download starting Monday, September 17.Make sure you've backed up your iPhone or iPad before you download and install the update, or you risk losing your data.

The App Store has made Apple at least $40 billion in revenue since it was created 10 years ago today

Apple's services segment, which also includes Apple Music, iTunes, and Apple Pay in addition to the App Store, accounted for 15% of Apple's revenue in Q2 of 2018. A breakdown of the amount paid out to developers shows a more specific number attributable to the App Store.

As iPhone sales level off, Apple has doubled its revenue from accessories since 2015

As sales of mobile devices cool, Apple has renewed its focus on audio products and accessories — the revenue for which has doubled since 2015.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple iTunes finally comes to the Windows app store after a year-long wait

Microsoft announced that iTunes would be coming to Windows 10 almost exactly a year ago. Now, it's finally here -- catching up with Spotify and Pandora.

Apple let a fake version of a major game slip into the App Store

One of 2017's best games, "Cuphead," was cloned and put up for sale on Apple's iPhone and iPad App Store. As of Monday morning, it's still there.

The first 17 apps you should download for your new iPhone 8

You've managed to get your hands on a new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Now you need cool things to do with it.

Reviewers say the new Apple TV is great, but needs to do more to justify the high price

The new Apple TV 4K can play 4K and HDR video for the first time, but it's one of the most expensive streaming boxes available.