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Joseph Cartellone found out through a DNA kit that he isn't related to his daughter.

An Ohio dad is suing a fertility clinic after a DNA kit revealed he wasn’t related to his daughter

Rebecca Cartellone bought DNA kits for her family for Christmas. After getting the results back, she learned she wasn't related to her dad.
Pictured above is the building where CHA Fertility Center has its headquarters in Los Angeles.

The former medical director of the fertility clinic that mixed up 3 couples’ embryos was once sued for having a sexual relationship with one of ...

INSIDER has uncovered another prior incident at the CHA Fertility Center, which implanted the wrong fertilized eggs into an IVF patient.
Anni and Ashot Manukyan are pictured above.

Couple describes the horror of learning a stranger gave birth to their baby boy in a fertility clinic mix-up, forcing them to sue for custody of their...

Ashot and Anni Manukyan held a press conference on Wednesday, describing how their embryo had been implanted in a stranger's womb and carried to term.

A woman with a transplanted uterus from a deceased donor gave birth — for the first time in the US and the second time in the world

Cleveland Clinic announced the birth on Tuesday, saying that "the mother and baby girl are doing great."
Pictured above is the building where CHA Fertility Center has its headquarters in Los Angeles.

A couple is suing their fertility clinic after they gave birth to twin boys who turned out to be the children of 2 other couples

The New York City Couple is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages from the CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles.
IVF can be a great choice for couples looking to conceive.

10 things to know if you’re considering IVF as a fertility treatment

There are generally a few steps to an IVF cycle and tons of different factors that determine if IVF may be successful. Here's what you should know.
The baby conceived with an epxerimental form of IVF.

A baby in Greece was born with 3 parents after doctors used an experimental technique to make ‘medical history’

The treatment was developed to prevent genetic diseases. A Greek-Spanish team of doctors used it to help a woman overcome infertility.
The baby was born on Monday, March 25.

A 61-year-old woman gave birth to her own granddaughter

Cecile Eledge was happy to be the surrogate for her son Matthew and his husband Elliot Dougherty, BuzzFeed News first reported. She gave birth Monday.

Singapore court allows gay man to adopt son born through surrogate in landmark ruling

This comes almost a year after his initial bid was rejected.

Singapore-Korea consortium buys Australian fertility clinic

Dr Beng Teck Liang,...