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Parkland shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz said he wanted to name his children after guns in love letters he wrote from jail

The letters, which were released by the Broward State Attorney's Office on Monday, were reportedly seized from Nikolas Cruz’s cell last year

A man in Florida who was just released from jail for allegedly burglarizing several cars in the jail parking lot and got arrested again

He allegedly took items from the cars — including four packs of cigarettes, an iPhone 7, a debit card, a Florida driver's license, and $547 in cash.

Kamala Harris once pushed for steeper cash bail costs, saying ‘people come to San Francisco to commit crimes because it’s cheaper to do it...

Harris supported raising cash bail costs when she was San Francisco's district attorney. As a US senator, she wants to reform the system.
Former Nowata County Sheriff Terry Sue Barnett speaks to local media after resigning over conditions in a jail a judge had ordered her to house inmates in.

An Oklahoma sheriff and all her deputies resigned together — and now no one knows who’s in charge

An Oklahoma sheriff resigned along with all of her deputies, citing abysmal conditions in the jail that a judge had ordered her to house inmates in.

A Maine GOP lawmaker just said increased access to menstrual products would turn prisons into a ‘country club’

A Maine GOP lawmaker stirred controversy after claiming that access to comprehensive menstrual products would turn prisons into a "country club."
The Schuyler County Sheriff's Office.

A man was sentenced to ‘weekends in jail’ and 10 years probation after being found guilty of sexually assaulting his stepdaughter

Schuyler County District Attorney Joseph Fazzary told INSIDER that Wheeler will spend 26 weekends in jail for sexually abusing his stepdaughter.
Inmates on the documentary series "60 Days In" on A&E.

7 regular people who went to jail undercover for 2 months learned how dangerous it can be to break the most important rule of life behind bars

The undercover inmates on "60 Days In" quickly discovered the No. 1 unwritten rule behind bars: Don't snitch.
David, an undercover inmate on the A&E show "60 Days In."

7 law-abiding citizens went to jail undercover and learned the unwritten rules that govern life behind bars

On "60 Days In," undercover inmates learned to never back down from a fight.
A scene from "60 Days In."

Regular people who went undercover in jail for 2 months witnessed the extraordinary steps inmates take to organize bloody fights

Violence is a common theme on "60 Days In," which sends regular, law-abiding citizens to jail as undercover inmates.
Abner, an undercover inmate on the documentary series "60 Days In."

On his first day in jail undercover, a former gang member-turned-chaplain learned things would be different this time around

Even rival gang members coexist in Pinal County Adult Detention Center if they are of the same race, "60 Days In" reveals.