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We asked James Blunt what he’d do if he was the editor of Business Insider for a day: Here’s what he came up with

He assigned us a package of stories on marine pollution and the damage we're doing to the sea.
The Atlantic wolffish (Anarhichas lupus).

We’re accidentally driving this extremely ugly fish to extinction

The wolffish is being hunted to extinction and — unlike the panda or the snow leopard — isn't cute enough to for people to want to save it.

‘Electric pulse fishing’ is illegal and it’s turning the ocean into a graveyard — here’s why fishermen are doing it anyw...

Electric pulse fishing involves pulling a net loaded with electrodes across the sea to produce an electric field in the water, then shocks the fish.
An oyster is opened in Bluff, New Zealand in March 2018.

Oysters play a huge role in keeping the oceans clean — but we’re killing up to 90% of them in some areas

Oysters remove pollutants from oceans and keep the marine ecosystem healthy. But they are dying in huge numbers — and there are few spots of light.
An aerial view of Punta Prima, Menorca.

Huge swarms of jellyfish are making it difficult to swim in the Mediterranean — and they’re there because tuna is disappearing from t...

Menorca is home to 628 species of seaweed, fish, and shellfish. However, unregulated fishing, tourism, and pollution are destroying its marine life.
Kynance Cove Beach, Helston, England.

How a ‘blue belt’ could save 4 million square kilometres of the world’s oceans

Could the UK government's 'blue belt' point the way to restoring the blue planet?