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Sorry, folks!

Nintendo Switch is sold out everywhere as demand surges amid coronavirus pandemic

With millions of Americans staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic — many with children who are out of school — the Nintendo Switch is selling out.
Japan is reportedly using one-sixth of its total testing capacity.

Japan has a remarkably low number of coronavirus cases that experts worry may lead to a ‘false sense of security’

An expert on viral pathogens says that Japan may have more cases of coronavirus than thought. It just hasn't tested enough people to find out.
The coronavirus outbreak has caused three Disneyland locations to close.

The Louvre, the Met, and multiple Disney theme parks are closed because of the coronavirus. Here are all of the major museum and theme park closures s...

The spread of the coronavirus has led to temporary closures of the Louvre, the Met, Universal Studios Japan, multiple Disney locations, and more.
A Japan Airlines plane.

A Japan Airlines flight attendant tested positive for the coronavirus after flying between Tokyo and Chicago

Japan Airlines said 12 other cabin crew members came in close contact with the female staffer. They have been asked to stay home.

Coronavirus worries cause shutdown of F-35 aircraft factory in Japan and work-from-home orders in Italy

The aircraft, variants of which are used by the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, is assembled using a global distribution network.
A composite image showing a closed restaurant and empty baseball stadium in Hokkaido.

Japan shut down an entire island’s schools, restaurants, and stadiums after an uptick in coronavirus cases. Here’s what it looks like.

Hokkaido authorities announced a state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak, putting life on the major island on pause.
The cruise ship Diamond Princess anchored at Daikoku Pier Cruise Terminal in Yokohama on February 7, 2020.

6 people from the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died from the coronavirus

The most recent death was a British man who died on February 28. He was being treated in a hospital in Japan after disembarking the ship.
Spencer Fehrenbacher takes a selfie on the evacuation plane that carried Diamond Princess passengers to the US ⁠— including some who had tested positive for coronavirus.

2 US grad students who were on the Diamond Princess cruise share harrowing details and photos from their quarantine and ‘zombie movie’ eva...

"I keep harkening back to all these zombie movies that have been made over the last decade," a student said. "Nobody wants to be deemed as infected."
People in protective face masks stand near a machine measuring body temperature at a convention hall in Tokyo, Japan, on February 27, 2020.

United just slashed its flights to Japan and other parts of Asia, showing how quickly coronavirus fears are hurting new airline and travel markets out...

Japan has seen a tourism boom in the decade leading to the 2020 Olympics, but in a matter of days, the coronavirus outbreak has put that all at risk.
Tuna mayo flavor (left) and menta mayo flavor (right) food sheets.

A Japanese company’s new mayonnaise slices are pitting mayo lovers and haters against each other

The food-sheet line includes tuna mayo and menta mayo — and even chocolate ganache — flavors that are all designed to melt on your plate.