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A 10 ft. Japanese pro wrestling panda headbutted officers when it became an honorary police chief at a local station

The giant panda from New Nemuro Pro Wrestling is known as a "yuru-kyara" (a gentle character) and gave trademark headbutts to a delighted crowd.
Japanese woman in the metro station

Women in Japan are downloading Digi Police, the country’s anti-groping app, in record numbers

Digi Police, a free smartphone app created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, is aimed specifically at protecting victims of sexual misconduct.
The Tottori Sand Dunes are a major tourist attraction in Japan.

Japan is pleading with tourists to stop writing huge messages in the sand on a series of giant, ancient dunes

Officials have added signs in English, Chinese, and Korean so foreign visitors are aware that it is illegal to deface Tottori Sand Dunes.

50,000 blue-collar jobs for Malaysians are up for grabs after Japan launched a new visa programme to allow more foreigners into the country

Under the new visa system, foreign nationals with certain Japanese language and job skills will be able to apply for a resident status that grants foreigners working rights in 14 sectors for up to five years.
Over the course of three months in Asia, I encountered a variety of culture clashes.

15 culture clashes I’ve had as an American traveling in Asia

While each country had its own distinct culture and customs, I experienced many culture clashes while visiting Asia.
The aircraft, designated AX-6, is the second F-35A assembled at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ F-35 Final Assembly & Check-Out (FACO) facility in Nagoya, Japan and is the first to be assigned to the JASDF’s 3rd Air Wing, 302nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, Misawa Air Base, Japan.

The US says it’s done searching for Japan’s F-35 that disappeared in the Pacific

It looks like the US has decided to leave the world's most expensive weapon lying on the ocean floor. Japan, however, is still looking for it.
F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter

More pieces of Japan’s missing F-35 have been found, but what happened to the stealth fighter remains a mystery

Parts of the flight recorder and cockpit canopy have been found, but key data that could explain what happened to the fighter is missing.
The Shinkansen, known as the bullet train, is one of Japan's most famous infrastructure projects.

8 Japanese infrastructure projects that could reshape the world

Japan has long been an innovator of striking infrastructure projects, from one of the world's oldest wooden buildings to the famous bullet train.
On Thursday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe posted a video of him installing a beaver door knocker that he got on a recent visit to Canada.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe brought back a beaver door knocker from his recent trip to Canada and immediately installed it at his lake house in...

Abe visited Canada over the weekend to discuss trade with his Canadian counterpart, Justin Trudeau.
New Emperor Naruhito attends the 'Kenji-to-Shokei-no-gi', or Ceremony for Inheriting the Imperial Regalia and Seals, at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan, 01 May 2019.

The Emperor of Japan was given 3 sacred treasures in his coronation ceremony that only royals and high priests have ever seen — here’s wha...

Emperor Naruhito inherited the Imperial Regalia to mark his new position. The sacred treasures that are Japan's most highly guarded possessions.