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Japan is facing a fertility crisis — and these efforts could help.

In Japan, there are classes and holidays to show men how to appreciate their wives

Japan is home to classes and holidays teaching men how to express their love for and devotion to their wives. Right now Japan is facing a fertility crisis, or what economists call a "demographic time bomb."

Japan’s $2,700 answer to Amazon’s Echo could make the country’s sex crisis even worse

Gatebox AI is like an Amazon Echo mixed with the movie "Her," but with fewer mustaches.
Some languages are harder to learn than others.

9 of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn

For English speakers, it is especially difficult to learn languages like Japanese, Arabic, and Hungarian. That's because they contain very different grammar systems, sounds, and features than English.
The process matters just as much as the outcome.

A Japanese word without a direct English translation reveals the biggest difference between Japanese and American work cultures

"Shokunin" is the Japanese word for mastery of one's profession. Japanese people see their work as a source of pride, perhaps more so than Americans do.

Japan’s fertility crisis is the worst it’s been in 118 years

Since Japan began tracking birth rates in 1899, the total number of newborns has never fallen below 950,000 — until 2017.

The head of a Japanese rent-a-friend company reveals what it’s like to lead a double life

Ishii Yuichi is the founder of Family Romance, a Japanese company that hires actors to pose as people's fake wedding dates, fake boyfriends, and more.

Inside the $600-a-head Silicon Valley restaurant where Google and Apple executives eat gold-flecked steaks

Hiroshi in Los Altos, California, could be Silicon Valley's new dealmaking restaurant.

Japan’s huge sex problem just hit a 67-year low

Since Japan began tracking the population of children in 1950, the number has never been as low as it is today.

I forgot one thing on my trip to Japan — and now I have to apologize to every person I meet

Almost all Japanese people exchange business cards when they meet. I forgot mine, and it was a major mistake.