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JCPenney is opening for Black Friday sales earlier than almost any other retailer

JCPenney is opening at 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day and will stay open until 10 p.m. on Black Friday.

JCPenney is enticing workers with free vacations to New York and Miami as retail’s ‘war for talent’ heats up

JCPenney is on the hunt for 39,000 seasonal workers this year. To aid in its search, it hosted a nationwide hiring day where applicants were invited to come in to their local store and interview for jobs.

Sears has filed for bankruptcy and announced it would close more than 140 stores, but it isn’t the only department store that has struggled rece...

Sears filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday, announcing it would be closing 142 Sears and Kmart stores and beginning liquidation sales at those locations immediately. Sears isn't the only department store that has struggled recently.

These haunting photos of the retail apocalypse reveal a new normal in America as Sears reportedly prepares for bankruptcy

A retail apocalypse is ripping through America, leaving clearance sales and empty malls in its wake. More than 3,800 stores are set to close across the US in 2018, leaving malls emptier than they have been since 2012.

JCPenney’s new CEO is a good choice because the department store needs a woman in charge after years of ‘inability to connect with women s...

JCPenney just appointed its first female CEO, and at least one analyst says that's cause for celebration. Jill Soltau, who was formerly CEO of craft and textile retailer Joann Stores, will be taking the position effective October 15.
President Donald Trump.

JCPenney stole the CEO of Joann Stores as she was in the midst of mounting a furious campaign against Trump’s tariffs

JCPenney announced on Tuesday that Jill Soltau, most recently the CEO of Joann Stores, would be taking over as chief executive. As Joann's CEO, Soltau has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods, telling Business Insider that they act as a "made in America tax."
JCPenney has been without a CEO since May.

JCPenney has hired a new CEO months after an abrupt resignation by its former chief executive

JCPenney has hired a new CEO, Jill Soltau. The struggling department store has been without a leader since May, when its former CEO, Marvin Ellison, resigned to take up a new role as the head of Lowe's.
Sears stores are being replaced by Planet Fitness gyms, AMC Movie theaters, Mariano's food stores, and off-price chains like Burlington Coat Factory.

Dead Macy’s, Sears, and JCPenney stores are giving way to a new trend in shopping — here’s what’s replacing them

Closing Sears, JCPenney, and Macy's stores are increasingly being replaced by gyms, grocery stores, and off-price retailers. Companies moving into dead department stores include Whole Foods, Planet Fitness, Target, and Burlington Coat Factory, according to a JLL report.
"Let's not burden a mom, juggling a job and a family, with extra taxes," wrote JCPenney counsel David M. Spooner.

JCPenney warns that Trump’s tariffs will worsen the retail apocalypse

JCPenney's counsel is predicting that the Trump administration's tariffs on Chinese goods will adversely impact the chain's middle class shoppers — and hasten the retail apocalypse.

Major retailers like Walmart and Target are doing whatever it takes to convince people to work there

Walmart is reportedly surveying workers on what perks they want the most, Target is highlighting its higher starting pay, and Kohl's is offering workers "unprecedented" discounts.