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Ex-Foreign Secretary and Former Labour MP David Miliband in Washington, D.C., U.S. March 15, 2017.

David Miliband accuses Jeremy Corbyn of being the ‘midwife of hard Brexit’

The former Labour MP told Business Insider that he is "baffled" by Corbyn's refusal to embrace the single market, at a press conference in Essex on Monday morning.
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband Philip leave after voting in local government elections in London, May 3, 2018.

LIVE: Local election results 2018

Follow the latest developments as Britain's major parties await the results of this year's local elections.

The key local elections battlegrounds that will decide Theresa May’s fate

Theresa May's Conservative party faces hugely difficult battles in London, Manchester and other Remain-supporting parts of the country.

Britain’s leading pollster says Brexit voters could save Theresa May in the local elections

Veteran pollster John Curtice says Brexit supporters across England could prevent Jeremy Corbyn from winning a landslide victory in the local elections.
Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Russian Twitter bots tried to swing the UK election for Corbyn, investigation claims

The investigation found 6,500 Twitter accounts run by Russian bots masquerading as English women.

Theresa May prepares for ’emergency’ debate on Syria as Labour suggests strikes were illegal

There will be an emergency debate in the House of Commons today after the prime minister authorised air strikes against Syria.
Kate Hoey MP.

‘We must get out of the protectionist EU and into the world’ — Kate Hoey writes for Business Insider

Writing for Business Insider, Labour Brexiteer Kate Hoey urges her colleagues to ditch the "inward-looking, protectionist" European Union.
Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry

Labour admits it will ‘probably’ vote for Theresa May’s final Brexit deal

Shadow Foreign Secretary confirms Business Insider's story this week that Labour is set to sign off May's deal.
Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith

Jeremy Corbyn sacks Owen Smith for calling for a second Brexit referendum

Labour leader has sacked his Shadow Northern Ireland secretary after he called for Britain to vote again on Brexit.
Theresa May.

Theresa May dodges question on Conservative party links to Cambridge Analytica

SNP's Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, quizzed Prime Minister May on links between her party and Cambridge Analytica.