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President Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi says Trump stonewalling Congress ‘could be an impeachable offense’ in her strongest stance yet

"In plain sight, this president is obstructing justice and is engaged in a cover-up," Pelosi said.
Rep. Jerry Nadler

House Judiciary Committee subpoenas top McGahn aide who experts believe is the ‘prized witness’ in the Trump obstruction case

Annie Donaldson may be Congress' most important potential witness in the obstruction-of-justice investigation into Trump.
A rainbow flag outside the United States Supreme Court.

The House just passed the Equality Act, which includes major protections to prevent LGBTQ discrimination

"This is not only important to the LGBTQ community, it's important for America, ending discrimination," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Most Americans want Robert Mueller to testify before Congress — but it’s facing countless roadblocks

Democrats on multiple House committees want to haul in the special counsel Robert Mueller to testify on his findings in the Russia investigation.
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler.

Democrats overplayed their hand while trying to get the full Mueller report, and now it’s coming back to bite them

Democrats would be unlikely to get a favorable outcome if they go to court to try to get the full Mueller report and its underlying evidence.
FILE PHOTO - U.S. President Trump welcomes Slovakia's Prime Minister Pellegrini at the White House in Washington

Democrats say Trump has led us into a ‘constitutional crisis.’ Republicans disagree. Here’s what it means.

"Constitutional crises arise out of the failure, or strong risk of failure, of a constitution to perform its central functions."

Justice Department threatens to advise Trump to invoke executive privilege over Mueller report amid Democrats’ plan to hold Attorney General Bar...

In a letter on Tuesday evening, the Justice Department complained of the "counterproductive" demands from the Democrat-led committee.
FILE PHOTO: House Judiciary Committee Chairman Nadler listens as Acting U.S. Attorney General Whitaker testifies at House Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

House Democrats kick off the process to hold AG Barr in contempt of Congress for not turning over documents in the Mueller probe

If the measure is approved by the full House, lawmakers will begin the legal process to hold Barr in contempt.
Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.).

House hearing on Mueller report devolves into a bizarre shouting match after Attorney General Barr refuses to show up

"The very system of government of the United States ... the system of not having a president as a dictator is very much at stake," Nadler said.
Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen bites into a piece of KFC fried chicken in an attempt to poke fun at Attorney General William Barr, who refused to attend a Thursday hearing in the House on the Mueller report

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen uses chicken statue, bucket of KFC to poke fun at Attorney General Barr’s refusal to appear at House hearing

Cohen was suggesting Barr is a "chicken" for not showing up to a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Mueller report.