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Jimmy Butler and Wolves owner Glen Taylor agree to play nice because they have no other choice

Jimmy Butler had a discussion with Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor that will allow both parties to start the regular season on decent terms.

Things between Jimmy Butler and the Wolves are about to get awkward as NBA teams balk at the price of a trade

Plenty of NBA stars have made trade demands, but none of them have had to show back up to their team. Meanwhile, the Wolves can't find a deal they like for Jimmy Butler, and he may have to report to them when games begin.

The Wolves are reportedly divided on a Jimmy Butler trade, and it’s turning into a mess

Though Jimmy Butler maintains that he won't play for the Wolves again, head coach and president Tom Thibodeau is reportedly hopeful of convincing Butler to stay with the team.

The Timberwolves want a deal for Jimmy Butler early this week, and one unlikely team is hot on the trail

Minnesota is looking to secure a deal for Jimmy Butler as soon as possible, and the Heat have jumped out as frontrunner to land the four-time All-Star.
Jimmy Butler is the type of player the Knicks have been hoping to acquire.

The Knicks have made a major change in philosophy, and it’s about to get its first big test with Jimmy Butler

The Knicks have been preaching patience as they rebuild slowly and properly. Now, that method will be put to the test, as Jimmy Butler has said he would like to be traded to the team.

Jimmy Butler’s trade demand once again forces NBA teams to face the biggest quandary with star players

Jimmy Butler has reportedly requested a trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves, forcing 29 teams to evaluate the pros and cons of trading for a player who can become a free agent in a year.

Jimmy Butler has reportedly requested a trade from the Wolves and given 3 teams he wants to join

Tensions were reportedly building in Minnesota, and now Jimmy Butler appears to be heading out the door with a trade request. His move could kickstart a star-studded free agency.
Kyrie Irving is one of several star players that could hit free agency in 2019.

After 2 quiet summers, the NBA could be set up for an ‘enormous’ free agency, but with some important changes

After the salary cap spike of 2016, the NBA has had two relatively quiet summers. Now, heading into 2019, half of the league's players could be free agents while one third of teams might have cap space, setting up a wild summer.
Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler could be the next NBA superstar pairing.

There is growing buzz that Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler could form the NBA’s next superstar pairing — and the Knicks and the Nets are inv...

Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler could link up in free agency next year to form their own super-team. Rumors suggest the Knicks and Nets could both be in the running for the two All-Stars.