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20 blue-collar jobs that will be all the rage in 2028

The future's bright for carpenters and plumbers: These high-paying jobs will see growth in the next decade, and they don't require a college degree.
Jobs in pot are creating an industry high.

Jobs in pot are at an all-time high, but the boom is causing rifts in the traditional workforce

Due to increased marijuana legalization, jobs in the cannabis industry are increasing fast, according to postings on ZipRecruiter and Indeed.
If California were a country, it would have the fifth highest GDP in the world.

11 mind-blowing facts about the US economy

The US economy has been the world's biggest for more than a century. Here are some mind-blowing facts about America's economy.

Nebraska’s devastating floods will force workers to leave the Midwest in droves. Here’s where they’re expected to migrate

Job opportunities in the Midwest are dwindling, in part due to the adverse effects of floods on agriculture, a new LinkedIn report finds.

OBAMA: ‘There’s a pattern’ of Republicans running the economy ‘into the ground’ and Democrats having to ‘come back...

Former President Barack Obama compared Democrats and Republicans records on recessions during a rally in Nevada. "I do think it's interesting, I just hope people notice that every time there's a pattern where they run things into the ground and we have to come back and clean things up," he said.
Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama

‘Let’s just remember when this recovery started’: Obama hits back at Trump taking credit for strong economy

Former President Barack Obama said that Republicans and President Donald Trump may be taking too much credit for the strength of the US economy. "So when you hear how the economy is doing right now let's just remember when this recovery started," Obama said.

Legal marijuana could overtake manufacturing in job creation by 2020

The legal marijuana industry could create over a quarter of a million jobs by 2020, according to one projection.

The 21 best college majors for landing high-paying jobs in growing fields

Indeed found which majors lead to jobs with high salaries in up and coming industries.

It looks like migration actually hasn’t harmed workers in the UK

Charts showing UK employment rate and migrations.

How an overlooked impact of Mexico’s drug violence is holding back its economy

"Mexico could keep growing — it's just that it is not going to grow where we want it."