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Judging employees on results could reward luck over skill, argue top psychologists, and there’s a better way to do it

Evaluating people's results, as opposed to the effort they put in, may penalize bad luck and reward good luck, experts say.
A successful career requires constant learning.

A Lyft exec says it’s nearly impossible to recover from the ‘kiss of death’ in a career

Coasting in your career is the "kiss of death" that can be impossible to recover from, Lyft CFO Brian Roberts said in an interview with Forbes. No matter how successful you become, he said you can never afford to stop learning and growing.
Are you on the path to success?

11 signs you’re doing everything right at work — even if it doesn’t feel like it

We collected a bunch of key indicators that you're succeeding at work and impressing your boss — even if they haven't explicitly said so.