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Oh, the places you'll go.

College grads should have a relatively stress-free job search this year — but economists worry for the Class of 2019

Unemployment has reached a 17-year low, according to the April jobs report. That's great news for this batch of grads. Here's why the Class of 2018 is going to have a comparatively easy job search — but it might not be so easy for future graduates.
Donald Trump and Paul Ryan

The pay increases that were supposed to come from the Trump tax law haven’t shown up yet

The April jobs report showed lower than expected wage growth, meaning that the GOP tax law has not helped boost American worker's pay. The slow wage increase is worrisome for the Republican party's 2018 midterm prospects.

Unemployment rate falls to 17-year low even as job market growth slows

Wage growth has been the story of the jobs report for some time, especially as the unemployment rate has continued to fall to new lows, suggesting that slack in the labor market is also shrinking.
Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

Trump’s trade war antics just spoiled a perfectly good jobs report

The March jobs report fell into an investor sweet spot that should've sent stocks soaring, but President Donald Trump's recent trade war comments derailed that.

US adds fewer jobs than expected, unemployment rate holds at 17-year low

Job growth seems to have started stronger this year than it did last year.
President Donald Trump

The US job market shows why one of Trump’s biggest arguments for massive tariffs doesn’t make sense

President Donald Trump said that the new steel and aluminum tariffs will help protect and bring back American jobs, but it doesn't look that way.

Here’s why the February jobs report is coming out in the middle of the month

The Bureau of Labor Statistics bases its job figures on the week or pay period that includes the 12th.
A worker carries a piece of rebar at the World Trade Center transportation hub in New York May 6, 2013

Black unemployment spikes after Trump touts record-low level in fight with Jay-Z, State of the Union speech

Black unemployment jumped in January, up from a record low. Just last week, President Donald Trump used the record to rebuff the rapper Jay-Z.