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Nina Taylor has been a professional hand model for more than 20 years.

A woman makes thousands of dollars a day as a hand model, but her job requires more hard work than you might think

Speaking to Insider, Nina Taylor said she became a hand model by chance over 20 years ago. She's since earned a top spot in the competitive industry.

20 common jobs where the paycheck keeps getting smaller every year

Using Census data, we found industries where workers' incomes have fallen dramatically in the last few decades.
Crime scene investigators may collect hair, tissue, and even bodily fluids from a victim, or perform various tests, at the scene of the crime.

15 creepy jobs and how much they pay

Coroners, psychics, grave diggers, and crime scene investigators are just a few of the creepiest jobs in the world — and some pay more than others.

26 jobs that confront death more than others

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we found careers that intimately touch the final stage of the human condition.
Employees aren't getting help to manage their mental illness at work.

American workers say jobs should do more to help them cope with mental health issues like depression and stress

Half of US workers don't have mental health insurance, according to a new survey from the HR company Paychex.
Teenage couples without shoes dancing at Carlsbad High School Sock Hop, December 1, 1953.

20 jobs popular in the 1950s that are almost gone today

We found industries that used to be huge employers in 1950 that are a fraction of their size today. Things look bad for Big Tobacco.
More than half of job seekers would give up vacation time if their employers helped pay off their student loan debt.

More Americans say they’d give up vacation days if their boss paid off their student loans

This shows how desperate borrowers are for help. They're also filing for bankruptcy and delaying life milestones like having kids or buying a home.

The transportation sector was a breakout star in the latest jobs report thanks to historic shortages and the upcoming holiday season

Driver shortages paired with holiday shopping prep fueled a surprise September employment situation star.
Half of millennials have left their job due to mental health reasons.

50% of millennials have left a job for mental-health reasons, a new study found — and it speaks to some of the biggest problems plaguing the ent...

Millennials are "the therapy generation." They're battling various issues: depression, "deaths of despair," unaffordable living costs, and burnout.
4.5 million black jobs could be displaced by 2030.

Artificial intelligence is slated to disrupt 4.5 million jobs for African Americans, who have a 10% greater likelihood of automation-based job loss th...

A new McKinsey report finds black men will lose more jobs due to AI — but black women will fare better.