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I name brands and companies for a living — here’s what it takes to succeed as a ‘professional namer’

Professional namers come up with brand names and product titles. Professional namer Rob Meyerson spoke with 10 other namers, and shares some of their top tips that anyone can learn about coming up with great names for brands and companies, and honing their creative processes.
The first principle is customer obsession.

Jeff Bezos runs Amazon with 14 demanding leadership principles. Here’s how a 23-year-old engineer leveraged 5 of them to land a job.

Amazon outlines 14 leadership principles that its employees use daily to solve problems and innovate. One engineer said that when she was interviewing for a job at Amazon, she memorized all of them — and then applied them to her experiences to impress recruiters.
President Donald Trump

A Chicago-area manufacturer is laying off 153 workers and moving to Mexico partly because of Trump’s tariffs

Stack-On Products, a manufacturer of storage goods like gun safes, will lay off 153 workers at its two Chicago area plants in part due to President Donald Trump's tariffs. The Stack-On workers are the latest casualties of Trump's trade fights.

Costco reportedly has a tradition that gives workers the chance to win hundreds of dollars

Costco unveiled its latest store in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, last week and to celebrate, CEO Craig Jelinek gave new workers the chance to win a little money on the side.

APPLY NOW: Insider Inc. is hiring a paid visual features intern

We're looking for an intern to tell visual stories across several of our verticals.

Is the chicken-suit wearing contestant from ‘The Bachelorette’ really a venture capitalist? One journalist investigated and says the evide...

Pitchbook reporter Dana Olsen investigated the purported job of 'Bachelorette' and 'Bachelor in Paradise' contestant David Ravitz. If he's really a VC, where's the proof?

These are the hottest non-tech jobs in the tech industry right now, according to Glassdoor

These are the positions in the highest demand by tech companies right now — and none of them require tech experience.

An Amazon recruiter says she doesn’t expect new grads to be business majors, but there’s a line on their résumés that makes them...

Lots of people want to know how to work at Amazon. But catching the eye of an Amazon recruiter, especially when you're still in college, can be challenging. Here's one way you can do just that.
Some of these glam-sounding jobs come with trade-offs.

Disappointing photos show what 9 supposedly-glamorous jobs look like in real life

Certain jobs just sound incredibly luxurious, perk-filled, and thrilling. But sometimes, appearances can be deceiving. Here are some glamorous-sounding jobs that don't always live up to the hype.