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One market bear says stocks will plunge 67% after surging to ‘breathtakingly extreme’ valuations

BI PRIME: By an increasing number of measures, US equity valuations are their highest on record, and John Hussman thinks that's a recipe for disaster.
Donald Trump.

HUSSMAN: Trump’s tax cuts are a ‘quickly planned looting through a broken window in our nation’s character’

Congress should instead be providing tax incentives for real investment, he said.

THE HINDENBURG MEETS THE TITANIC: Stocks are flashing an ominous signal not seen since the financial crisis

The stock market is flashing big sell signals as dispersion widens and a handful of ominous technical indicators hit a breaking point.

A key US economic indicator is on an ugly streak that has never occurred outside a recession

The total of 10 month-over-month declines in industrial production has never been observed outside the context of a US recession.