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IT’S OFFICIAL: T-Mobile and Sprint are coming together to form a $146 billion new company to take on Verizon and AT&T

The boards of T-Mobile and Sprint have put the finishing touches on a massive merger agreement that values the combined company at $146 billion.

T-Mobile and Sprint are popping after reportedly closing in on a merger deal

Two of the largest cell phone carriers in the US are reportedly close to a merger, and their stocks are soaring.

T-Mobile is giving away Netflix service to its family-plan customers

T-Mobile announced on Wednesday customers with an unlimited family plan would get a free Netflix subscription as part of their monthly deal.

T-Mobile just raised the price of its best ‘unlimited’ data plan — here’s what you need to know

New subscribers will have to pay $5 more a month to get HD video and other perks from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile CEO’s 8 predictions for 2017 include Verizon and Comcast considering merging into ‘the ultimate evil corporation of all time̵...

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere predicts that 2017 will bring new competitors and possibly the merger of Verizon with Comcast.

T-Mobile’s ‘One’ mobile plan is not the simple, unified plan that was promised

T-Mobile's "One" unlimited plan now consists of three separate choices.

T-Mobile’s CEO says reinventing himself was key to transforming the company’s culture

John Legere revived T-Mobile as its CEO, but first he needed to reinvent himself.

T-Mobile CEO: ‘The world doesn’t need another cookie-cutter business-school leader’

T-Mobile US's eccentric CEO John Legere said he would have let his personality show through even earlier in his career if he had a second chance.

T-Mobile’s CEO tells young people he ‘can summarize everything you need to know to lead a major corporation’ with 2 pieces of advice...

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere said he tells every business-school student the same leadership insight he's used throughout his career.