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John Paulson owes the IRS.

A hedge-fund manager owes $1 billion in taxes after a loophole catastrophically closed

John Paulson will have to pay $1 billion in taxes this year because of a tax loophole that is now closed.

Malcolm Gladwell says billionaires ‘sound like idiots’ when they explain why they donate to large universities

The best-selling author and podcast host says anyone who donates even a dollar to a school like Princeton is "out of their mind."

It’s a horrible day for a bunch of hedge funds

Valeant stock was down big on Monday.

John Paulson has a big new bet

It will invest in bankrupt companies and those going through restructuring or in need of rescue financing.

Carl Icahn and John Paulson just scored a big win

Icahn won't be on the board, but he'll have one of his firm's analysts take the seat. Paulson will have a seat.

One of the most senior women in the hedge fund industry is going it alone

Some of her successful event-driven equity investments at Paulson include Cablevision, Family Dollar, Time Warner Cable, WhiteWave, AMC Networks, and Comcast.

Here are the top 20 hedge fund managers of all time

Ray Dalio just dethroned George Soros as the most successful hedge fund manager.

It looks like Paulson & Co. might have a big new position

A Paulson & Co. portfolio manager pitched Charter Communications as a long at a private investment conference in New York.