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Republicans and Democrats remain fiercely divided after Brett Kavanaugh accuser’s testimony

"Looks to me that she’s credible," Sen. Richard Shelby said. "I thought Kavanaugh was credible too. So we don’t know, let’s let the process work. That’s all I know."

Another congressional panel just summoned Mark Zuckerberg — and it could be the tip of the iceberg

The Senate's commerce committee on Friday requested Mark Zuckerberg testify, adding to the list of congressional panels looking to bring in the billionaire.
John Thune in December 2017

A top GOP senator has urged House Republicans to listen to the FBI’s concerns about the controversial Russia memo

Sen. Thune told his colleagues in the House to listen to the FBI, and framed the memo as a national security issue.

Chuck Schumer is demanding the tax bill be put on hold until Alabama’s new Democrat is seated in the Senate

Democrats are using a 2010 precedent to demand a pause on the Republican tax reform bill until Doug Jones is seated as Alabama's next senator.

Republicans are hurtling toward passing their massive tax plan — but it could still ‘hit a serious snag’

Republicans are still working out the differences between the House and Senate tax bills, which leaves a lot of room for problems to arise.
Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell

Republicans’ process for passing a tax plan looks strikingly similar to that for healthcare — but they say this time will be different

Senate Republicans are holding a few hearings on their tax plan but still using reconciliation to bypass the 60-vote threshold.

Top Harry Reid adviser mocks Republicans over proposed Facebook hearings

“The taxpayers who pay Republican senators’ salaries probably want their money back."