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More of Johnny Depp’s outrageous spending has come out, including a $7,000 couch from the Kardashians

Johnny Depp's credit card expenses include $17,000 in handbags, luggage at Prada, and $7,000 for a couch from Kim Kardashian's reality show.

Judge rules Johnny Depp’s outrageous spending habits aren’t relevant in his legal battle with ex-managers

Johnny Depp's $2 million a month spending sprees won't factor into the legal battle with his ex-mangers, now that a judge has said they aren't relevant.

Emails reveal Johnny Depp’s business manager warned him about outrageous spending habits

Johnny Depp's business manager tried to slow down the actor's spending as far back as 2009, obtained emails show.

Johnny Depp’s killer lurks in the star-studded ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ trailer

Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, and more star in the adaptation of Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express."

Inside Johnny Depp’s ‘extravagant and extreme’ lifestyle that costs him $2 million a month

From wine and guitars to yachts and private jets, we dug up how Johnny Depp allegedly spends his millions.

Johnny Depp made $650 million but couldn’t pay for his lavish lifestyle, ex-manager says

Johnny Depp makes about $20 million for every movie he stars in, but he reportedly has had trouble covering spending habits of $2 million a month.

Johnny Depp reportedly drank heavily and was constantly late on the new ‘Pirates’ movie set

Amid a messy divorce and financial woes, Johnny Depp reportedly caused a lot of difficulty while shooting "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales."

Johnny Depp spends hundreds of thousands for somebody to feed him lines, ex-managers claim

Johnny Depp's ex-managers claim that his "extreme" spending habits include hiring a sound engineer to feed him lines for his movies.