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Johor Queen says she was ‘determined’ to let her kids know that their great-grandmother was Chinese

"I hoped that they would learn to be proud of the blood that flows through their veins, and to understand that it does not make them any less Malay," she wrote.

The Johor Crown Prince just welcomed his third child, a baby boy

The Johor Crown prince and his wife have been married since 2014.

Johor Prince Tunku Idris may have just announced he is planning to contest in the next General Election

The prince first hinted at contesting on April 25 with a photo on Instagram.

Johor Crown Prince claimed that Malaysian government is spying on Johor royals — but here’s what the KL authorities are saying

Johor Crown Price Tunku Ismail claims that the Malaysian Government is spying on him and his father ere's what the Malaysian authorities replied.