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Singaporean motorcyclist decapitated, dies in accident in Gelang Patah, Johor

The Singaporean was killed when he was thrown from his BMW motorcycle after colliding with a van at a road junction.

Malaysia’s vehicle permit is being implemented after 4-year delay, and Singapore drivers will need it to enter JB

From October 1, Singaporeans who want to drive into Malaysia via Johor will have to obtain a special permit first.

The persistent ‘burning smell’ in Singapore’s air is expected to ease in early April

Thankfully, an increase in rain showers is expected over the region due to inter-monsoon conditions in early April.

The Johor fire likely behind the burning smell in Singapore has been put out – but a second one is burning

Get your N95s ready. Haze and burning smells may be expected in Singapore over the next few days.

Four Johor dams are drying up thanks to the heatwave – with the water supply in one already at critical level

The dam currently has enough water to supply the nearby area for 70 days, and the situation is "a cause of concern for the Johor government".

Burning smell in eastern part of Singapore likely caused by fire in southern Johor: NEA

People have detected the smell in both the eastern and western parts of the island.

Johor Menteri Besar visits Malaysian government vessel off Tuas

Singapore said there were five Malaysian government vessels in Singapore’s waters as of 6pm on Wednesday.

KL’s undertaking to de-escalate maritime situation welcomed

Observers say the presence of Malaysian ships is not helpful.

Johor says a third causeway linking Malaysia and Singapore is in the pipeline

The move will relieve congestion on the two existing causeways.