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Apple’s head designer has made a $250,000 ring out of a single chunk of diamond — and it needs to be seen to be believed

Jony Ive teamed up with his buddy, the famous designer Marc Newson, and designed a ring — made entirely out of diamond.
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Top tech industry execs named to a Saudi advisory board amid controversy over reportedly murdered journalist

A senior executive from Google's parent company, ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, and famed investor Marc Andreessen are all on the list.

39 photos that show how Steve Jobs saved Apple from disaster and set it on the path to a $1 trillion valuation

Apple is worth $1 trillion today. But when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the company was in dire straits.

Apple’s Jony Ive discusses his ‘best friend’ and the origins of the Apple Watch in a new interview

Jony Ive, Apple's chief design officer, discussed the "early 2012" origins of the Apple Watch and the possibilities of where Apple is "headed" in a new interview in Hodinkee magazine.

Apple’s Jony Ive will take back control of his famous design team

Jony Ive was relieved of day-to-day management duties when he became Apple's first chief design officer two years ago.

Apple’s head designer Jony Ive explains how the iPhone X took 5 years of failure to create

"For the vast majority of the development cycle, all we had were things that failed. By definition, if they didn't fail halfway through, then we'd be done."

Apple’s iconic white earbuds were inspired by ‘Star Wars’

Apple's head designer Jony Ive took inspiration from "Star Wars" when he designed the iconic white earbuds that come with every iPhone and iPod.

A top Apple designer says technological change will ‘happen sooner than we think’

"We do have to start thinking about what’s out there a bit further, because that’s going to happen sooner than we think," Alan Dye said last week.