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Michael Cembalest

JPMorgan’s top strategist called out Icahn, Soros and other ‘Armageddonists’ who fuel recession fears

Michael Cembalest said that negative thoughts were hampering returns.
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is worth $1.6 billion according to Forbes.

Jamie Dimon doubles down on his defense of billionaires after Warren spat — saying ‘vilify Nazis’ instead

The JPMorgan CEO responded again to Elizabeth Warren's criticism, saying we shouldn't "vilify" those "who worked hard to accomplish things."

JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon warns Elizabeth Warren ‘vilifies successful people’

Warren addressed Dimon's comments in tweets Tuesday, saying it would be fair if Dimon and other billionaires contribute more.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says WeWork’s IPO debacle taught him a few key lessons

The banking titan also said he never thought WeWork was worth $47 billion because it achieved that valuation in the private markets.

Inside legendary financier JP Morgan’s $900 million personal art collection, which has a hidden staircase, fake bookcases, and a secret vault

The Morgan Library and Museum in New York City houses the art collection of JP Morgan, who founded the banking firm now called JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan, employer of man who verbally abused condo security officer, reminds staff to be respectful

The man was filmed verbally abusing a security officer at his Whampoa condominium in a viral video.
Workers smoke cigarettes outside of a JPMorgan Chase office on May 14, 2012 in New York City.

JPMorgan is reportedly considering moving thousands of employees out of the New York area

The Wall Street bank is currently building a new headquarters in Manhattan that's expected to house as many as 12,000 employees.

SoftBank’s shares slump to a 10-month low after $9.5 billion WeWork bailout

Since WeWork's IPO filing, SoftBank's shares have fallen 18%.

WSJ: SoftBank, WeWork’s largest investor, takes control of the embattled office company, with cofounder Adam Neumann stepping down

SoftBank will give Adam Neumann $1.7 billion, The Wall Street Journal said. He'll get a $185 million consulting fee and will step down from the board.
WeWork cofounder Adam Neumann would see a $200 million payout under a takeover deal proposed by SoftBank.

SoftBank is planning on paying Adam Neumann $200 million to step aside if it takes over WeWork

SoftBank would pay Neumann $200 million. In return, he'd leave WeWork's board, give up his voting shares — and reportedly back SoftBank's bid.