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JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

‘The inner city schools are not failing because of banks, okay?’ — JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon defended Wall Street against claims it&#...

Dimon pointed to banks' investments in health, training, infrastructure, and other areas when asked about rising anti-bank sentiment.

Investors are more worried than ever that WeWork won’t be able to pay down its debt

The lifeline would secure capital WeWork was previously expecting to take in from its IPO, but the package is risky for the company's bondholders.
Aramco is shelling out for its IPO.

Saudi Aramco is reportedly shelling out a whopping $450 million on adviser fees for its upcoming IPO

Bloomberg said that the oil giant will pay the fees — about 1% of the $40 billion Aramco is looking to raise — to advisers from over 20 banks.
Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase.

JPMorgan beats expectations in its third quarter earnings with record revenue

The CEO said the company was resilient "despite a more challenging interest rate backdrop."

WeWork reportedly is favoring JPMorgan over SoftBank to bail out the buckling real-estate firm

JPMorgan Chase's refinancing package would be roughly worth $5 billion, company insiders told Bloomberg.

Investment banks have plowed more than $700 billion into fossil fuels since the Paris climate agreement

JPMorgan alone had put in $75 billion into financing fossil fuel companies, according to an analysis from the Guardian and Rainforest Action Network.

Here’s why JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs say 2019 is the year climate change is at the top of investors’ minds

"2018, 2019 will be remembered as watershed years for climate change awareness," says JPMorgan.
WeWork's new co-CEOS, Artie Minson, left, and Sebastian Gunningham, are reportedly moving quickly to overhaul its management.

WeWork is now is said to be talking to JPMorgan about a $5 billion credit line and could run out of cash next month without it

The $5 billion amount is bigger than previously reported, and the length of time WeWork may have before running out of cash is significantly shorter.

Feds are combing through ‘voluminous’ evidence after seizing $1 billion worth of cocaine on a JPMorgan-owned ship this summer

Federal authorities are reviewing over 4,000 hours of audio and data from more than 50 devices, and 500 gigabytes of vessel information.

WeWork is reportedly rushing to get a new debt financing deal and it could run out of cash next month

The Financial Times reported that JPMorgan is rushing to complete a debt deal as soon as next week, to give WeWork time to restructure.