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A $178 wine bottle that connects to Wi-Fi raised $6 million from investors, and now the startup is shutting down

Kuvée, a startup making a wine bottle with a color touchscreen that connects to Wi-Fi, announced in an email to customers on Wednesday that it is shutting down.

Someone found the $700 Silicon Valley juicer in a thrift store selling for $40

Three years ago, one Silicon Valley startup called Juicero set out to disrupt juice.

Juicero’s founder lives it up at Burning Man immediately after his company shut down

Doug Evans, the founder of the defunct company that made $700 juicers, is having a great time at Burning Man.

Juicero, maker of the $400 juicer, just announced a price cut and employee layoffs

Employees at Juicero were told 25% of them were getting cut in a move to lower costs.

Juicero’s designer defends the $400 juicer: ‘I don’t grind my coffee with my fists’

"I don't grind my coffee with my fists. That would be a lot of work and make a lot of mess. I don't see a difference between the two situations."

Juice is the biggest con of your life, whether it’s squeezed by hand or a $400 machine

The juicing-machine company Juicero is refunding angry customers who learned its juice packs can be squeezed by hand. But juice isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The $700 ‘Keurig for Juice’ is too expensive to solve a very real problem

The Juicero wants to close the produce gap, but it won't be able to with a $700 price tag.

A startup quietly raised a boatload of cash to make a $700 ‘Keurig for juice’ with help from Silicon Valley geniuses like Jony Ive

Juicero is a startup with a simple goal: it wants to to make the freshest juice you've ever tasted.